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It's coming up fast!  Our new house has a 2nd floor now, and it's starting to feel more like a house!

The decision to move back East after living in Seattle has mixed emotions. I loved the mild winters, the beautiful summers, and the scenery.  Seattle will always have a special place in my heart. However, our friends and family back in Baltimore drew us back in.

Every year we were making 3-4 trips back to visit our friends and family. So on our last trip out, the idea of moving back was brought up.

My husband grew up here, his family is all out here, and some of our adult children are here as well.  So we always felt like we were leaving part of our hearts when we would fly back to Seattle.

The Seattle Freeze

Yep, it's a real thing.  It is hard to make real friends in the PNW.  If you aren't a native, you feel like those that have been in the area a long time would prefer that you go back wherever you came from, and take your opinions with you.  And it is very passive aggressive there.  Which can be a good and bad thing I guess.  You can take it or leave it, and if you are strong minded… passive aggressive is just ignored.

You do you.

our new house has walls

New House, New Life

My husband and I are now (almost) Empty Nesters.  Even though our youngest is 18, she's staying aboard for a little while longer.  So in this new house, we have built her a nice apartment, so that she will have her own space and we have our independence.

Not having little ones, or even grandchildren, we are the odd ones moving into a large house.  When it's finished, it will be 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms.  It's a large house!

We've heard from many of our friends that they are surprised that at this stage in our lives, we want a large house with land.  Why didn't we want something easier, smaller, without the work?

It's true that now that the kids are all grown up, we won't have the rooms filled with kids and their stuff.  But this also means that both my husband and I have our own offices since we both work from home.  We also are making room for a workout room and a nice guest suite for visitors.

I love to garden, and in this house, we have plenty of space for all of my garden dreams.

Slow but steady

It seems like it is taking a very long time to get this house built. We spend a lot of time there, looking at every board and thinking over every choice.  This is our dream house.

I love all of the windows, the natural light in this house is amazing. The two-story family room is one of my favorite features. There are so many windows in that room, overlooking acres and acres of farmland. I love standing on the catwalk above and looking out through the windows.  It's so nice.

This week we are looking at what we will put in the guest suite.  Here are our favorite picks:

Heather Bath Mats

$34.00 by Rachel Ashwell

Floral embroidery and a delicately crocheted lace trim pair together to design the nostalgically elegant Rachel Ashwell Crochet Rugs (Bath Mat). This generously sized, 100% cotton bath mat is available in five calming colors that are hand loomed. Try a soothingly solid hue like Petal Soft Pink or Pearl, or give your bathroom an even more relaxed accent with color options such as our Rosa Dark Pink, Smoke or Levi Blue.

Blossom and Bloom Bud Vase

$32.00 at

Bold and beautiful vessels for your blooms.  Select from three colors or style with all three.

  • Color: Available in Blue; Clear, Rose ( Each Sold Separately)
  • Measurements: 6″ H X 4″ W
  • Content: Recycled Glass
  • Detail: Mouth of the vase is 1″

vintage mirror

Vintage Oval Mirror

$550.00 by Rachel Ashwell

Small imperfections or discolorations are not uncommon with vintage and do not always register clearly in photos. Rachel embraces these characteristics of a well-loved timeworn beauty.
  • Color: Cream
  • Measurements: 20″ W x 36″ H
  • Content: Metal & Glass
  • Detail: Hand-carved.



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