Do you hate Mondays? Have you had enough of winter and want to nap in the sun? Or maybe you are just mentally exhausted.  Maybe you need some Hornbeam!

Want to crawl back into bed until June? Maybe you need Hornbeam essence

Flower Remedies have been around for many years. In England, Dr. Bach in the 1930’s believed that our emotional state was the cause of physical health problems. There is a lot of foundation to the belief that stress, depression, and your mental state affect how you physically feel.

Dr. Bach developed 38 flower remedies.  Each one is based on emotional responses, like irritability or even procrastination. His belief system is that we can use flower essences and mantras to help support us into mentally improving our health and state of mind.

What I tried- Hornbeam

The original Bach Flower Remedies in Hornbeam.  It can be found in many holistic shops and online.  Hornbeam

I got mine online. (Because I'm too tired to go look for it in the wild.)

Sensitives describe treatment with this Bach flower essence as refreshing – like taking a cool shower that revives body and spirit.-

Taste and how I used it.

No taste. In fact, I forgot that it was in my water. I started adding it to my lunchtime water.

( Yes, one of my resolutions was to drink more water.)

“ Thus every moment of our work and play will bring with it a zeal for learning, a desire to experience real things, real adventures and deeds worth-while.” Dr. Edward Bach

I can't say that upon drinking my tonic that I felt like I was taking a cold shower, and really I can't say that my body or spirit was revived.  Meh… maybe I should have added it to something better than water?

“I will get up and be productive today” or “I love going to the gym in the snow.”

  • Minimum 4×2 drops per day
  • Directly on the tongue or dissolved in water
  • When dissolved in water, drink the water at intervals throughout the day

Did it work?

Nope! I wanted this to be the fix-it for my winter Blahs.. but it didn't do much. It might have given me a little more energy and focus.  The week I used it, I did do some powerhouse work on the blog.  So maybe?

Health Benefits of Hornbeam:

  • As a compress, Hornbeam can be used to soothe tired, irritated eyes, and to strengthen varicose veins.
  • drug rehabilitation booster
  • fights depression
  • pre-workout energy blast

Have you tried Hornbeam yet?  If so, let us know how you liked it!


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