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Newest Luxury Candle Fragrances from Aubert & Amandine

Luxury candle makers Aubert & Amandine have launched a new line of candles that are designed with beauty and opulence in mind.  Aubert & Amandine sent us few of their specialty candles to try out, and the premium quality and all natural ingredients are impressive.

My daughter and I actually sat sniffing candles for a while, talking about the fantastic scents and what they reminded us of. I love when a candle can take you to a memory marker that makes you smile.


Each paraffin-free wax candle is packaged in beautiful boxes. I loved the feel of opening the boxes. It’s exciting to slide open the box and almost immediately the scents lift out of the box even before the candle is revealed. The premium essential oils and fragrances swirl from the candle once I lifted it out of the box and removed the lovely wooden top.

I love great packaging, it is the first impression, and these start off fantastic.

The sophisticated black label candles are a hefty 13 ounces,  and 4.7″ diameter x 3 ¾” tall.

I love candles, and my favorites are the ones that you almost don’t want to burn because they are so beautiful and these candles are very nice.

I keep running my fingers over the wooden top, the engraved logo is nice.  The wooden lid and seal to keep your candle fresh. I love that.

The JOY 3 wick candle, scented with Ylang Ylang and Mandarin [ $24.97 available here ] reminds me of winter-time at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington DC.  I stayed there on a romantic getaway with my husband, the luxurious scent of JOY reminds me of the opulent hotel and sleeping in late and ordering room service.


After lighting, the intoxicating aromas quickly fill the room with fragrance.  I like the cotton wicks.  They always burn cleanly and have a brighter light.

I’ve found that soy candles don’t usually have a strong scent. However, Aubert and Amandine candles have a highly concentrated fragrance formula of essential oils and natural fragrances that blend together well.  Also, they have no petroleum, which many cheaper candles have which make them unhealthy.

Peace Ocean Breeze [[ $24.97 available here ]  This is one of my favorites, the bergamot, and light citrusy fragrances bring me back to walking along the beach at Cannon Beach, Oregon and watching the waves slither to the sand.  It is relaxing and full of sweet memories.

Candle Tip: Always trim down your wick to around 1/8 of an inch long. Trimmed wicks give a cleaner and brighter burn. You also avoid that ugly black rim around your candle tops.  You should cut the wick for every 4 hours of burn time. This means blowing it out, letting it cool, and clipping the tip before relighting.

I’ve been burning  Calm – Lavender and Vanilla [[ $24.97 available here ] every night since I received it in my room.  It is so relaxing and perfect for my nightly mindfulness practice.  I love how it fills my room with a calming feeling that lets me sleep better.

These large candles will burn for about 35 hours.

calm candle

The Craftsmanship

These candles are finely made. The nice thick containers are beautiful.  Inspecting each of the candles, they are evenly poured, no bubbles or smudges.

They burn clean and utilize all of the wax in the jar evenly.  I love the jars, they look great in every room and the ambient glow they give off is just fantastic.

Great Gifts

These make a lovely gift. These candles are the complete package when it comes to design, scent, aesthetics, and packaging.  These are an affordable luxury, perfect for gift giving priced at just under $25.

The Relax – Sandalwood and Jasmine have a subtle masculine scent, but gentle with distinctive soft, woodsy notes that are both creamy and peppery. Candles are great gifts, perfect for housewarmings and host presents.

Aubert and Amandine Candle Review

Have you tried Aubert and Amandine candles? Do you have a favorite fragrance?  Let me know in the comments below!



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