10 Sultry Looks That Make You Love Your Body In Lingerie

I love lingerie.  But as my body changed as I got older, I found that I stopped finding things I loved to wear. It was harder to find things that made me feel beautiful. Hips and Curves love making women love their bodies. And we love them.  Enjoy!

Hips And Curves Valentines 2019

  1. Halter Lace Tie Cup Babydoll  – $44.95
    from: HipsAndCurves.com
  2. Rose Vine Motif Sheer Mesh Teddy In Black  – $47.00
    from: HipsAndCurves.com
  3. Olivia Strappy Back Lace Panty In Burgundy – $24.95
    from: HipsAndCurves.com


Valentine lingerie


  1. Lace Trim Satin Plus Size Teddy – $32.95  from:Hips and Curves
  2. Sheer Net Ruffle Panty In Pink  – $14.95   from: HipsAndCurves.com
  3. Mila Strappy Babydoll $39.95  from: HipsAndCurves.com
  4. Delilah Strappy Crochet Lace Bralette – $29.95 from: HipsAndCurves.com
  5. Sheer Robe with Lace Detail Large In Wine  – $54.95 from: HipsAndCurves.com
  6. Aria Satin Corset – $39.95from: HipsAndCurves.com
  7. Heart Back Bikini with Chiffon Bows Bright Pink and Light Pink  – $18.95
    from: HipsAndCurves.com

No matter what you do, we want you to love your body and give it some tender self-care! This year we want you to find something that you love about your body and show it off!

Do you have great legs? What about curves that grab attention?  Be proud of your body!

I know my body is fighting hard, it's gone through a lot and sometimes it just doesn't feel beautiful. But I love that even though it's fighting for my life, my body is beautiful.  So go and find something sultry that makes you smile when you look in the mirror.  And if you have someone special to show off to, I know they will love your effort too!

So Ladies, get out of your sweat pants and stained T-shirt for the night and slip into something fun!

Find something you liked? We want to hear what you loved from our friends at Hips and Curves.  They are great people and love hearing your ideas!



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