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first floor

We have been out to the house, taking photos and dreaming dreams.  It's a lot of fun watching this come up. We now have the 1st floor!

The weather is getting colder, the rain pushed things out.  But finally, they were able to get our first floor up.  It's starting to feel more like a house and less like a weird hole on the property.

We are starting to see where things are, the kitchen feel and the other first floor rooms are boxed out. I love being able to look out the windows and see the view we will see every day in our new home.

I love the view out of our rear windows.  We added a LOT of windows so that every room has a great view.   I can see where my gardens will be, where we want to have a gazebo and my front porch that's perfect for sweet tea and rocking chairs.


After walking around the house for a few days, we didn't like how long the kitchen counter was and decided to shorten it and make a wider walk-through to the sunroom.  I really want the sunroom not to feel like part of the kitchen, not a second dining room area.

Making the counter space smaller, and not having an island, we chose to move the pantry area into the corner so we could extend the kitchen along the wall a little longer.  I also love that we are going with open barn wood shelving instead of more cabinets.

new house back


Every room in the back has full picture windows.


What's unique about our house 

Our children are all grown up.  So we designed this house for us in mind. We have a 1st floor guest room, which I know will also serve as my second bedroom for days when I'm feeling ill due to my Lyme Disease. Climbing up the stairs when you aren't feeling well can be difficult. This guest room has it's own full bathroom and walk-in shower.  I wanted this guest suite to feel separate and comfortable for our guests. We love staying with friends, but it can feel like you are intruding on their personal space when you get up in the middle of the night for a drink or the bathroom.  I want my guests to feel comfortable coming to stay, so creating this personal space for them was really important to me.

Look at those skies!

There are so many sunny days in Maryland. We were thrilled to find this farmland to build on that is surrounded by fields and open skies.  One of the things I love is to come out and look up at the beautiful cloud formations. I'm always taking photos of clouds and fields here.

And look at all of that wood that will become our house! I am so excited.

This is the view from the front.  One of the things that was a must for me was a large front porch.  So we drew one up that takes up most of the front of the house, except in front of the garage.  It is a huge feature of the house.

I can't wait to sit on the front porch with my coffee and a warm throw blanket.  It is so peaceful out here!

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