Have you ever felt just critical, dissatisfied,  or intolerant of other people? Sometimes I find myself irritable and I struggle seeing only the negative side of things. When things seem out of sync, I know I become easily annoyed by the small things.

Starting to hate people? There's help for that! – Beech essence

Have you almost snapped someone's head off for not putting the dishes in the dishwasher? Beech Essence! Have you tried explaining WHY you should pick up after your dog to a stupid neighbor with no avail?  Beech Essence!

Flower Remedies have been around for many years. In England, Dr. Bach in the 1930’s believed that our emotional state was the cause of physical health problems. There is a lot of foundation to the belief that stress, depression, and your mental state affect how you physically feel.

Dr. Bach developed 38 flower remedies.  Each one is based on emotional responses, like irritability or even procrastination. His belief system is that we can use flower essences and mantras to help support us into mentally improving our health and state of mind.

What I tried- Beech

The original Bach Flower Remedies in Beech.  It can be found in many holistic shops and online. I got mine online. ( Fewer humans to avoid. )

Feel free to buy it from one of my sponsors, so I can afford to buy more random things to review!

Taste and how I used it.

It really doesn’t have much of a taste at all. I’ve been adding it to my morning tea for the last week. I like the morning ritual of making a cup of tea and pondering the mantra associated with the Beech essence.

“ For those who feel the need to see more good and beauty in all that surrounds them. And, although much appears to be wrong, to have the ability to see the good growing within. So as to be able to be more tolerant, lenient and understanding of the different way each individual and all things are working to their own perfection.” – Dr. Edward Bach

I like the daily reminder to be more tolerant and try to understand people better.  You can change up the mantra as needed.

“I will not kick my co-worker today” or “I love the way my family makes sure I get exercise by leaving the house a mess for me to clean.”

Up to five essences can be used in any one combination, it can also be added to wine, bourbon, or brownies.

Feeling Bitchy reach for Beechy?

I chose Beech because it is supposed to help naturally occurring nervous tension. Basically, I needed to chill out. LOL!

Did it work?

Yes, I think it does. If nothing else, it was an action that I did each morning along with a mantra to make an effort to be more considerate of other people’s feelings.  Also, I think that along with the mantra, the action of sipping my tea mindfully with the intention set of being more compassionate and aware of the moment is a good thing. And being mindful of my words helped me catch the Judgement Monster that likes to leap out of my mouth sometimes.

Health Benefits of Beech:

  • stimulate hair growth
  • boost the immune system
  • improve the health of the skin,
  • lessen respiratory distress
  • pain relief
  • Strengthen the kidneys

You can find Beech Essence Here for  $14.75

Have you tried Beech yet?  If so, let us know how you liked it!


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