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It's bitter cold. I just moved back to an old place and I'm trying to find my place. Today, I am anxious about building a new house. And I have this stupid heart monitor that I have to wear for the next 25 days. This is uncomfortable!!!

Life is made up of millions of moments. Each day we are filled with so many opportunities to have both good and bad days.  But often it is heavy sided depending on where your mind is directing these moments. Life without contrast is bland. You can not appreciate the light without the dark,  you can't appreciate being warm and cozy without knowing cold and uncomfortable. Mindfulness allows you to examine the contrasts.


When you take time to to practice being mindful, you are not looking for the rainbows.  You are looking at the whole, seeing the world right now, pondering the existance, and moving on.  So yes, it might be raining, your skin damp now begins to chill, your breathing increases and you see the skies have a change in color and there is the rainbow. So many things exist.

Being mindful isn't about just feeling good.  It is about seeing things in life differently, including being uncomfortable.

Practice even when it's hard

When you become stronger in your mindful practice you will see that you are able experience things in a more connected way. Even when you are angry, sad,  experincing anxiety, you have an opportunity to push deeper into mindfulness.

We all like being comfortable. We don't want to exerience hard or frustrating moments because we want to be happy and comfortable all the time. Most of us dream of being wealthier, healthier, and smarter.  So we work harder, take care of our bodies and go to frustrating doctor appointments ( and wear stupid heart monitors ) and study things that we don't understand.  We do things that are sometimes hard and frustrating so that we can appreciate the contrast of being better.

It is so important to take time to take notice of what makes you uncomfortable.  This is how you identify and learn how to adapt and resolve these uncomfortable situations.

Your Mindfulness Homework

Today take time to pause and notice when you are uncomfortable. How do you feel, what does your body like and dislike? When you let your mind drift through your meditation today, did it linger on something that made you feel uncomfortable? It's okay, you don't have to judge yourself for those thoughts, but address them and move on.

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