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The foundation has been laid and we have a basement! Watching the new house grow has been very exciting. It's like laying down the seeds in a new garden and watching anxiously for the first blooms.

I think the hardest part has been waiting for things to start moving. It seemed like once we made the move, we hoped everything would move along and we would see things coming up fast.  But the truth is, there is a lot of waiting.

new house - garage

So much waiting!

We waited for permits, waited for inspections, waited for the weather to clear. So much waiting!

When the basement was poured, we thought we would then move on to the next level the next week. BUT no.  It was another couple of weeks before we had the wood delivered for the next levels. THAT was due to the government restrictions on lumber.  🙁

New house - basement

But it is here now and we are moving to the next level!

Selling our old house in Seattle went well. Packing and unpacking in the new rental was EXHAUSTING.

Wynter and the Move

Wynter was not amused. It's strange the weird things we have caught her doing. She doesn't usually get on the furniture. But a few times we caught her finding strange places to do weird dog things.  I know big changes like this are hard on animals, even one as smart as Wynter.  So we have been trying to keep her calm, given her a few calming CBD dog treats, and taken her on lots of walks.

Riley however just rolls with everything and is always a good sport. No matter what life throws at him, he'll run and catch it with a smile.

Daydreaming while we wait

Now that we have all of the plans drawn up, the basement is up, it is time to start making the big choices.  We have to pick the colors, floors, tiles, and cabinets!

We know we want a Industrial Farmhouse feel. I don't like things too girly, and I am a gardener.  So I want to have that rough, grungy feel so it doesn't matter if something gets dinged or covered in plants.

So I've been happily searching through Pinterest and enjoying looking for the right pieces for each room.  THIS is fun!

What is Industrial Farmhouse?

I've always loved the look and feel of walking into old mills, the feel of aged wood that has been layered in decades of stories. So when I thought about what I wanted the new house to feel like, I wanted to bring in those elements.

Also, I grew up on farmlands in old houses that were worn and sometimes quirky. I love bringing the outside in, so this house will have a lot of darker elements as well as worn metals and aged woods.

Vintage Teal & White Farmhouse-Style Cabinet

Learning to compromise

Since this house is completely custom built, we have the option to really make it personalized. Well, as we learned quickly… things can add up very quickly when you start really becoming too outside of the norm.

However we have chosen to give up some things in order to prioritize the things we really want.  Like we gave up a built-in kitchen island in trade for more kitchen space and saving money on the cabinets and counter.  Maybe later on, we will add in a new island that is freestanding.  But for now, it's a trade I was happy to give up.

Giving up the contemporary styling of a island, which can be found in almost every newly built house, means that we are going to have to use our kitchen space a little more carefully.

In the kitchen we are going to have to really be picky about which dishes and kitchen items we keep that fit into our end goal, and what to get rid of.  So as we were sorting through and packing, a lot of our kitchen stuff didn't make the box.  Some of it we have brought to the temporary house and it will get donated or given to our adult kids for their houses.

Here are a few of our new kitchen picks.

I love this cabinet. The top is fabulous and made from reclaimed pine doors.  I could see putting dark bronze knobs on the doors to match my kitchen fixtures and putting it in the morning room.

Nagatani-en – Toban Skillet –
from: Jinen Store

Part skillet, part serving dish, with the exceptional heat-retaining properties of Iga clay, food stays warm as you dine with your loved ones at the table. Is also suitable for braising, stir-frying, and even baking in the oven. Microwave-safe too.  I love the texture and unique coloring.

I could daydream all day, picking out new things for this house!

Stay with us and follow our new home adventures!

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