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Hemp Honey Hives

Colorado Hemp Honey, a special blend of happy and healing made by bees.

The bees, raised and cared for in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains aren't just making honey, they are improving the lives of humans. These bees are making what will become hemp honey, all natural and so delicious.  Colorado Hemp Honey sent me samples of a few of their flavors and I fell in love not only with the products but with the idea of merging artisan raw honey and full spectrum hemp extract.

The founder and Bee Shepherd, Nick French treats his bees with organic practices and a gentle hand. He refuses to use pesticides and puts the safety and care of his bees as his utmost priority. They work along with expert beekeepers to ensure the health of the hives and the healthiest product for their customers.

This belief of tending to the Earth and its creatures extends to the products. The promise of Colorado Hemp Honey is to bring all natural products to people and pets who want to feel better using natural methods and to people who believe in the benefits of honey and hemp.

Nick, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, started Frangiosa Farms in 2008 where he began keeping bees in urban farms, on rooftops, and in backyards. His passion for beekeeping leads him to grow to over 100 hives and begin bottling honey and selling it. He studied biology, tropical marine biology and microbiology, In 2015, he created Colorado Hemp Honey.

Hemp Honey

Hemp Honey For Anxiety and PTSD

As a Marine, Nick has firsthand knowledge of how even the bravest of men and women can struggle with anxiety and PTSD.  He has worked hard to try to create a safer, natural alternative to the heavy and often damaging drugs used to combat anxiety and PTSD.

Nick has been directly affected by the loss of loved ones with the opioid epidemic in the U.S. And Colorado Hemp Honey is working hard to make a difference.

How does CBD help people with PTSD?

Individuals that suffer from PTSD have been shown to have significantly lower levels of anandamide – the inner human cannabis. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter responsible for the release of serotonin. It is known to act on cannabinoid receptors and reduce fear and anxiety.

CBD is used to help the anandamide shortage by filling up the receptors with CBD, this a PTSD therapeutic aid because it helps to relieve patients from memory problems and calm anxiety. CBD has also shown its ability to reduce cognitive impairment, which makes finding work difficult. CBD is capable of interacting with the 5-HT1A receptors in the central nervous system.

These studies have revealed that CBD can do the following when used as a therapeutic aid for PTSD:

  • Enhance extinction learning
  • Block reconsolidation memory
  • Block mood receptors
  • Modulate stress hormone
  • Modulate pain receptors
  • Promote sleep hormone

What we love about Colorado Hemp Honey:

The taste is the first thing I want to mention about the honey.  It is smooth, not too sweet, and honey actually works well with the natural flavor of the hemp. Raw honey supports antimicrobial and antioxidant responses in the body. 

Colorado Hemp Team

We tried several of the flavors and Lemon Stress Less is my favorite. Using certified organic essential oils, the lemon tastes amazing. I could eat it right out of the jar every day.  It's really good.

Raw Relief features the same full spectrum hemp extract, but it is earthy and has a distinct flavor. The hemp is extracted with their own process that best preserves terpenes and maintains superior quality.

CBD Honey / Colorado Hemp Honey Chill Sticks (15mg CBD Each) [10 Pack]

I am impressed with the quality and the taste and I know this is on my gift list for the people I love this year.

What we wish was better:

In our reviews, we aren't just fluffing up brands we like. But we really want to give you an honest review, even if it isn't so good.  I struggled to find something that I thought they could do better. I just didn't find anything that wasn't top quality.

I even love the cute little stickers they sent!  Thanks everyone at Colorado Hemp Honey for sending us these tasty and healthy treats.  We are very glad we could share this review.



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