This Mindful Monday I want to share a moment I had while listening to one of my favorite speakers. It was a moment that made me sit up in my seat and truly embrace being IN the moment.

I am a big fan of Esther Hicks and her talks with Abraham. Since following her, I have found a truer sense of understanding about what makes me happy and finding a more peaceful existence is always my goal. Today as I listened to her talking about the Laws of Attraction and so on, I heard her say something that made me stop and listen more closely. It was a Fireflies moment.

Sometimes while I'm working I'll just put on a podcast or tune into one of the speakers on YouTube. Often I'll tune in for tidbits and inspiration. But this moment brought me right into the Now.

As if someone called my name in a large crowd, I turned around and played that piece again. Certain that the first time I hadn't heard her correctly, I closed my eyes and listened and again I heard the connection being made…Fireflies.

I am sure not many of you know, if anyone at all, why I call this blog Dancing with Fireflies? One of these days I will actually give you the longer more emotional post of why. But for now, I will make it simple so you can get on to Esther's Firefly moment which is very much like my own dance with fireflies.

When I was a little girl, my family moved A LOT. I didn't like it, not ever. But as a child, most of us are not given much of a choice when it comes to the affairs of adults, and so each year we moved, not just houses but states and schools. From year to year, nothing stayed the same.

It was when I was at a point in my life around 8 or 9 that we moved from California to Tennessee. I was tired of leaving my friends, scared about meeting new ones, and a place where children still believe in angels and faeries. ( I still do ) As we stopped in Texas for a few days to visit family, I experienced my first Firefly moment.

Alone outside, I sat in the growing darkness and looked out over the flat lands and up at the clear skies. The sky seemed endless and I felt so small and powerless. “If you are really out there, listening to me if I am a part of something special, then show me.” As children are stubborn and need signs.

I didn't understand what I was seeing, to me it was magic. As I felt my dreamy world open up to the possibilities of being part of a greater collective, the stars I thought I was looking at began to dance. Moving in a sweet, perfect moment of swirls and sparkling harmony, the stars became dancers across the navy dance floor. This was my first firefly moment, opening up to the idea of being a part of something bigger than yourself, dancing for the joy of movement, and joining the collective vastness of lights in the dark sky. Magic!

I hope you will take a few minutes and enjoy Esther Hicks and her Firefly Moment.

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