Hey Everyone!  I have a new product review for you today. This one is is the Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook.

I got my Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook from my hubby because I am always grabbing pen and paper to write down notes for EVERYTHING.  When the phone rings, I grab pen and look for paper.  When I am writing, I have a pen and I am keeping notes on the things I want to make sure I convey.  So this was something he thought I would like.

First Look

The packaging is clean, not too much to throw away.  When I got it, I was actually surprised that the notebooks were just light paper notebooks with plastic bindings.  I got two, a small one and a little purse size book.  They each came with pens.

product review everlast notebook


So, this isn't what I thought I was getting at all.  I thought they were digital pads.  Not paper.  Hmm… I'm not sure how this is any different than just taking a picture of a notebook.

How It Works

The first thing you need to do is install an app for your iphone or android device. This is very much like some of the features on One Note by Microsoft.  After you download the app, you set up where you want your scans to go – email, dropbox, ect.

Then you use the pen to write something on the pad of paper. The pen is erasable, so when you are done you can erase what you wrote.  But don't write too hard, because it still leaves an imprint on the paper.

screenshot - rocketbook

Then you take your phone, open the app, and take a photo scan of the page. That scan is emailed or added to whereever you have checked at the bottom that you want it to send.

IF you have very clear handwriting, it can also read that page and turn it into text for you.

Yes or No?

I really wanted this to be cool. It seemed like an eco-friendly option for my endless notes and lists. Being portable, I thought it would be something I could toss in a bag and take with me into meetings or out for coffee for quick note taking.

But it is a No.

This really is just expensive pen and paper.  You can't do anything super impressive with it. The pens are just dry erase pens.  The paper is just shiney dry eraseable paper.  The rest is just the app.

What did I like about the Rocketbook notebook?

I liked the weight and ease.  It isn't a heavy device, it's just a few pieces of paper and a lightweight pen. And you don't have to do anything special exept write, doodle, ect, and then snap a picture with the app.

What didn't go so well?

Again, I don't understand the cost or the need for this.

I know in a week, I'll forget the pen is THE pen and it'll get tossed in my bag and lost. Or someone will grab it, thinking it is a regular pen and it is gone forever.

Meh, I'll send it back.

Sorry Rocketbook!  Keep trying, I know you are working hard to save the world from paper overload.  You can do it! It just wasn't it with this product.

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