So I have a strange side.  I love quirky things, Neil Diamond, and band T-shirts.  And now I have a new obsession… Redbubble!

Oh Sweet Baby Jesus, I am going to spend so much money here.  This could be dangerous!

Come On… this is funny!

Let's Summon Demons Sticker – $2.47

from: Redbubble

I seriously think I need this for my laptop. Often I am sitting at a coffee shop and I find that people get uncomfortably close while I'm trying to work. Maybe this will help?

Buy 6 stickers, Get 50% off


That looks like my daughter!

Bubbly Canvas Print

 Shop thousands of unique surreal art prints. Created by artists worldwide.

My daughter is fantastic and so unusual.  When I saw this, it instantly reminded me of her… from like last month!


Unicorn Riding Narwhal In Space Women's T-Shirt

That's a damned fine t-shirt!  A unicorn riding a narwhal in space with a freaking laser!!!  You are not going to find this in Target.  No way.  I need it.

Get your SuperHero merch!


Flash Suit iPhone X Snap Case

POW! BAM! Get awesome independently designed comic T-Shirts, Hoodies, iPad cases and more.

I am a dork.  I know it.  But I LOVE superheroes.  I love comicon, Marvel Movies, and I did cry when Stan Lee died.  I saw him speak at Emerald City Comicon and he was delightful. I LOVE the Flash, Arrow, and Ironman. I'm so weird.  I know.  But this is a cool place where you can get your favorite hero stuff!

It's a Boston in a Hoodie!  C'mon!

Boston Terrier Green Hoodie Mug

My favorite Boston Terrier was my best buddy Q-bert who lived with my friend Steve.  Q was unbelievably fabulous and my lap belonged to that dog  guy. This mug reminds me of my forever love of this amazing being of light who sometimes snorted so hard he peed.

 Buy 2 Mugs, Get 15% off

Crazy Couch Pillows.

Dunder Mifflin The Office Logo Throw Pillow

You know who you are.  You know you love this.  Don't lie. Get it!!!  Throw pillows are so much fun.  I have like 15 pillows and even though it drives my husband mad, they don't match.  And I don't think they should.

Buy 2 pillows get 15% off (no coupon required)


Creative Duvet – make your bed awesome.

Penguin Duvet Cover

I am always saying that beds need to have more creative options and now I've found the place to find unusual and beautiful devel covers.  Don't see what you like?  Make one!

 Choose from loads of awesome independent designs, from artistic to hilarious, on T-shirts, Hoodies, and iPad & iPhone cases at Redbubble. Click Here!



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