CBD Vape – Review Pixel Pour – 500mg – Tropical Blast CBD Isolate Cartridge

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Hey everyone!  This week I have a new review to share with you, it is for the Pixel Pour – 500mg – Tropical Blast CBD Isolate Cartridge.

So as many of you know, Lyme Disease comes with a variety of issues.  Today, I’m just feeling run down, anxious, and so achy.  So I have given a Hemp CBD Vape pen a try.  This one is a little different because it is a CBD only vape pen made from CBD Isolate, Botanical Extracts, MCT Oil*, A touch of PEG.

The Differences Between Hemp CBD and Cannabis CBD

There is a HUGE difference between Hemp CBD products that are being sold just about everywhere now and true Cannabis CBD.  Don’t be fooled into thinking they are the same.  You won’t get high from hemp CBD, and you aren’t breaking the law.  But after that, there are some other differences that you should consider, and people have big feelings about them.

Without going to a dispensary, you are probably looking at “hemp” CBD which is usually made from industrial hemp plants and to be very clear, does NOT have the same characteristics of a full cannabis plant compound.

I also want to be very clear, Hemp CBD is not FDA approved for treating any illness, including Lyme disease. The FDA considers CBD an “unapproved new drug” and does not suggest using as a substitute for prescribed medical treatment.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is a compound that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant. THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis,  it’s the “High” that many people are looking for when they smoke or ingest weed.   However, if you are looking for pain, inflammation relief and to calm anxiety, CBD is what you are looking for.  CBD even counteracts some side effects of THC.

The Review – Pixel Pour – 500mg – Tropical Blast CBD Isolate Cartridge

I like to think of myself as being educated. I’ve lived in a cannabis-friendly state for a few years, and I believe in the power of the plant.  However, it isn’t freely available for most people.  So more and more, people are turning to hemp-based products to try to feel better.  Even if the benefit is half as good as cannabis, it is still better than some pharmaceuticals that many of us are handed. So I did some research on my own to make the decision to give the hemp vape Tropical Blast CBD cartridge a chance.


A very light puff produced a very sweet, fruity taste that is more pleasing than just a basic hemp taste.  I’ve tried other flavors, and the tropical isn’t bad.  My husband didn’t like it and said it was too strong.

The effect:

To be honest, I hated it. I didn’t feel less pain, but I did feel nausea, and after a second try that resulted in a painful hot dry inhale, I was in pain for several days as my scorched lungs tried to heal.  This is not for me.

I’ve done other CBD products that just seem to mellow me out, take away the anxiety, and settle pain.

This is NOT the same!

For a few years, I have been using cannabis to treat and work with the painful effects of Lyme disease. But it isn’t openly available to everyone right now until the laws are changed.  So I did give this a try to see if I could come up with an alternative plan.

However, this vape was awful.  It heated up super hot, it burned and made me feel terrible for a few days.  This isn’t the same as cannabis at all, and it is frustrating that people are being fooled into thinking that this is a helpful product when in reality it is just as deadly as cigarettes or inhaling noxious fumes.

The PEG factor –

So here’s the really nasty stuff. This vape actually contains PEG

“PEG” =polyethylene glycol.  PEG is a thinning agent used not just in CBD vape oil, but in vaping liquids.  It is TOXIC.

PEG’s break down into carcinogenic compounds (cancer-causing) over time and when exposed to high temperatures like in a vape pen cartridge, it has been linked to increased incidence of myeloid leukemia and nasopharyngeal cancer.  WHAT THE HELL!!

Big Mistake

Admittedly, I am guilty of wanting to believe the salesperson and not doing the research ahead of time. I’m mad, concerned for my health, and annoyed that I spent $50 to feel sick and worried.


Try This Instead:

I felt terrible for a few days.  But I still want to find an alternative to cannabis, that always contains a bit of THC.  Because of the THC, it is illegal in some states, and for me, it does give me a little bit of a high that I don’t want during the day.

I want something that I can relieve my pain, without the fuzziness of a cannabis product. Joy Organics has a full line of excellent quality CBD products including a new vape pen that will be available around the holidays this year.  This pen will be made with organic MCT Coconut Oil, Organically Grown Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil and Terpenes from Fruits and Plants.  That sounds a lot better than formaldehyde.

I have tried Joy Organic’s CBD Oil Softgels, and I really like them.  They have no side effects and result in a soft calming feeling that I really find comforting as my pain reduces.

Next Generation for Pain Management With CBD Oik

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