Wow, I am exhausted and everything hurts.

This week, Hubby and I packed up everything we owned, loaded up a giant truck and moved back to the East Coast. What didn't fit into the truck or the pod was given, donated, or trashed. Hubby and our dog Riley, along with a friend, drove for 4 days across the country while Wynter and I flew.

Even though I went by plane, the trip and the moving was exhausting.

The first night, Wynter and I stayed in a hotel and woke up early to get to the airport. Traveling with a Service Dog isn't easy.  There are lots of things to plan for and be aware of. However, she did great once we got to the plane, just a minor quirk with airbrakes in the subway train. That night she and I unfolded the air mattress and wished that our beds would get here soon.

When you have fibromyalgia or inflammation issues as I do with Lyme Disease, little things like different beds or lots of stress mean lots of pain.

The next morning everything hurt. My bones ached, even my hair seemed to hurt. Moving to the East Coast means that getting herbal pain relief isn't as easy as it was in Seattle. So I had to get by with trying something new.  Thankfully, when I arrived I found that we had BioFreeze sent to us from Performance Health.


Performance Health

What I like about this product:

I love that this now comes in a spray. I hate thick creams, and when I'm not feeling well, I want something that goes on quickly and easily.  I've used BioFreeze before, in the cream version, and while it does help, I wasn't fond of the thickness.  However, I love that this spray comes out evenly with no rubbing and absorbs fast.

Biofreeze Classic is available to consumers everywhere. Biofreeze Classic uses a powerful active ingredient (menthol) and is available in tubes, roll-on, or spray formulas. This formula has been around for 25 years and, until about two years ago, was only available through healthcare professionals

Did it help?

In seconds I started to feel the cool relief begin to settle my aches and pains. My sore muscles and aching joints began moving more smoothly in a matter of minutes.

The one thing that I noticed that really impressed me was that the menthol smell goes away fast and that's a good thing! I hate walking around smelling strongly of menthol, and it usually stings my eyes.  But this had a slight smell at first, and then went away quickly.

Would I buy it again?

I absolutely would buy this again. It is great for reaching hard places like the middle of your back. It works quickly.  It's a great product.  My physical therapists have always recommended BioFreeze because it works every time.

You can have BioFreeze delivered right to your home through Performance Health.





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