Lyme Disease: The mere phrase invokes a sense of fear and dread of the unknown.

This disease is cloaked in mystery, while at the same time, hijacking lives and wreaking havoc on previously healthy bodies. If you’re diagnosed early, your chance of recovery is fairly high, though the symptoms may never completely dissipate.

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However, if you’re diagnosed late – and we all know how we would rather push through problems than see a doctor – your chances are much slimmer.

Traditional treatment involves rounds of strong antibiotics for weeks, even combinations of antibiotics and though antibiotics may eradicate the damaging bacteria, they also may not.

They most certainly, however, will eradicate your good bacteria, which causes a variety of side effects. Amidst this harsh situation, though, there may be a ray of light on the horizon. There have been studies as of late possibly revealing signs of essential oils working well as a treatment for Lyme disease. Let’s look further into this alternative.

The Need

The current diagnosing and treatment of Lyme disease seems rather dismal to most. Patients are given odds of the symptoms always clutching to them, even if reduced.

Yet, to simply reach the point of minor relief, they must go through a series of potent, gut-damaging antibiotics with more side effects than one would want to think about. Even after struggling through, you may find out it didn’t actually kill the Lyme disease bacteria. It’s obvious that a better solution is needed, and scientists have been testing and researching for years to find one.

The problem with antibiotics is one that many people are increasingly realizing, promoting a trend to veer away from these drugs. Antibiotics are just ineffective against a certain type of bacteria called persister cells. This means that these cells adapt to antibiotics and are very resistant, which lets them survive even beyond treatment.

In addition to possibly not killing the harmful bacteria, antibiotics also give patients a slew of side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, or others.

All in all, traditional treatment has been known as the best option for patients, but a better solution would be ideal. This is where essential oils come in.

The Hope

Recent studies, such as by John Hopkins University researcher Dr. Ying Zhang and five other colleagues, have shown that some extremely active essential oils have proven effective against fighting persister cells.

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Oils such as clove bud, oregano, and cinnamon bark have shown great results even against the most resistant cells. This study is significant because it appears that these essential oils have had even better results against the bacteria of Lyme disease than even the best antibiotic used specifically for persister cells.

Not only are these oils effective against the persister cells, but through testing, it has been revealed that they are effective against all stages of these cells – which means they may help whether early on with Lyme disease or later in the process.

A Better Solution

At this point, the testing and research have been performed in Petri dishes. However, scientists are confident to move forward with animal trials and then, if successful, human trials.

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Environments vary for each of these situations. It appears that there is hope for a more effective and less damaging treatment to Lyme disease with natural essential oils.

Have you used essential oils?  What did you think? We'd love to hear about your discoveries in the comments!


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10 thoughts on “Essential Oils Showing Promise in the Fight Against Lyme Disease”

        1. Dancing with Fireflies

          That’s a combo. Are you using it as a rub with a carrier oil?

          I’d love to find a good one for sleep.

              1. Until Frankincense and Myrrh and Melissa/Lemon balm oil, I could not sleep well with anything.
                Insomnia in Lyme is mostly due to inflammation. So, with frankincense you stop the inflammation and with lemon balm you calm the inflamed nerves. Pretty good combo.

                1. Dancing with Fireflies

                  That’s magic! I’m going to give it a try! Thanks.

                  I think we need to do more looking into this for future articles to share.

              2. Sure. You know, doctors say we can’t do anything about the inflammation, so we can’t help you sleep etc etc. But the frankincense oil works wonders. There sure are other things that work too, but this one is the best. Pills for inflammation, such as OPC, resveratrol work minimally, sure. But they have never been enough to help me sleep…

                1. Dancing with Fireflies

                  I have gabapentin that puts me to sleep, then exactly 4 hours later jolts me wide awake for hours in the middle of the night. So much fun!

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