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Fall is here, and for many of us, the cold weather is drawing us into our homes to settle down and try to warm up.  I love ending the day in my favorite comfy pajamas and crawling into my bed to settle in and relax.

I'll admit it; I like to be in my bedroom by seven each night for my nightly routine.  So my bedroom needs to be a soothing place.

 The bedroom should be designed in such a way that it will be a relaxing sanctuary. From the choice of colors to the actual décor that will be used, it is important to be meticulous in designing such space. Here are a few practical design tips that will make the bedroom more relaxing.

Give it a Personal Touch

 Personalization of the bedroom is important to give it a more relaxed feel. There are many ways to give it a personal touch, such as through canvas prints. You can hang them on the wall or the headboard. These prints can be motivational quotes or family photos.

Another way to personalize the bedroom is to use pillows printed with photos of your loved ones. This is especially true for those who are in a long-distance relationship or those far from their family. You won’t feel too distant while also adding a decorative touch to the bedroom.

Whether it is for yourself or others, check out the selection of Shutterfly’s personalized gifts. They can make excellent decorative pieces for a more tranquil ambiance.

 Add Elements of Nature

 One of the best ways to add natural elements to your home décor, especially in the bedroom, is to bring plants in. These plants will make the bedroom stress-free while also being effective in improving the indoor air quality. Some of the best plants to have in the bedroom include Chinese money plant, snake plant, weeping fig, aloe, cactus, calathea, and dragon tree.

Another way to add a touch of nature in the bedroom is to choose natural materials. For instance, bedroom furniture can be made of reclaimed wood. A wood flooring will also be an excellent idea.

Choose Colors Wisely

 To create a more relaxing bedroom, another thing that you should do is to choose calming color palettes. This will do a lot to influence the mood in the room. It is best to opt for light and cool hues, such as lilac and blue. Avoid using dark colors as they can make the place look dull and cramped.

Pick the Right Bed and Bedding 

One of the most important to have a stress-free bedroom is to choose the right bed and bedding. Choose a mattress that is supportive and comfortable. As for the bedding, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets will be great, which will get softer after washing. The thread count should be 200 and up. A down comforter or a duvet will also be nice to have.

Light It Up

 It is also crucial to choose the right lighting. Avoid lights that are too bright or those that can generate a lot of heat since they will make the bedroom uncomfortable. Instead, choose lamps that can be dimmed, which will be perfect for setting a more relaxing mood.

With these tips, your bedroom will surely become a more relaxing sanctuary!

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