October is my FAVORITE MONTH!!!  I love all things Halloween and Fall! As a kid, I loved all things scary for Halloween.  I loved the creepy spiders, bats, and Dracula!  Even though I’m not as keen on the scary anymore. ( Thanks Lyme for making my adrenals all screwed up.)  I still love Halloween.

So this month, our posts are around not just Halloween, fall, and pumpkins.  But also our posts this month are also focused on being brave. Many of us live in a world where our bodies are fighting battles that most can’t see. These battles take us to dark scary places and it is up to us to be brave and find out way back to the light.

If you have a link you would like to share about bravery, Halloween, or a recipe that tastes like fall.  Share them!

We are also accepting Guest Blogging posts for November!


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