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God, I really hate selfies.

I hate taking them.  I don't mind looking at them once in a while, but if you post more than one selfie a week, you need to stop, really.. just freaking stop.

I actually don't really even like having my photo taken. I am ridiculously un-photogenic. I mean I can dress nice, stand how I am supposed to stand, think I look kind of cute. Then when I look at the photo I am like “Holy Hell, why didn't anyone stop me?”

And I don't even think that it is self-esteem, because I am comfortable in my body.  Sure, I have some extra bounce that I might be okay with toning up. But for the most part, I have pretty good self-esteem.  But what happens when I take a picture?

Recently I vowed that I wanted to take more photos of me actually in front of the camera.  And while that seemed like a really good idea, I find myself sorting through dozens of images trying to find one where I do not look totally uncomfortable.


How do people manage to look so great in photos without trying?

For instance, my friend Nic can be sitting there totally blanking out, I take out my camera and all of a sudden he's posed and ready for the best shot… and it comes out!

However, I can take a dozen photos both trying and almost trying and all of them look like I might be fighting a migraine or about to murder someone.


I have a bitchy resting face.  This fact I know, and I am accepting of this state of mind.  However, please do not take my photo when I am in this state of BRF, because that can also evolve into bitchy screaming at you face.  Because I know that those photos are going to end up online and I am going to try to play it off that I don't care, but really.. I want to drown you for posting them.

I have read up on taking better photos.  I have even read up on taking better selfies.  I practice in the mirror, with and without the duck lips, but once I turn on the camera.. nothing good comes out of that.

Maybe I just need to accept that this is who I look like and stop being in mirror denial. Self-acceptance also means you have to accept that your double chin also belongs to you and some people do wake up looking like a model, and others like myself wake up and crawl towards the coffee and don't give a shit about taking a morning #nofilter #nomakeup selfie.


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