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Do These 5 Things To De-stress This Week

For a lot of people, 2017 has been extremely stressful already. But we can take steps to not only protect our own mental health, but to spread that calm to the rest of our friends and family.


For a lot of people, 2018 has been extremely stressful. But we can take steps to not only protect our own mental health but to spread that calm to the rest of our friends and family.


Last week, my husband and I took a social media timeout. It was a forced break from social media and all of the news that had really been stressing me out.

I struggled for a couple of days with wanting to know what was happening and feeling like I needed the break because it was making me so upset. Taking a break really helped find my focus and bring me back to a good place.

Sure, I am just as passionate about the issues as I was before I left. But I also have more direction and less anger.  It was a good thing!


Enjoy Some Self-Love

When was the last time you took a few hours to relax in the tub, enjoy a hot shower, or wrap up in your favorite bathrobe and tended to your skin?  For many of us, self-care isn't in the schedule. We tend to the kids, the spouse, the chores before we tend to ourselves.

This week schedule some time to love yourself.  Light some candles, apply a mud mask! And ladies… you don't have to shave those legs and tender areas, but it's still warm out and if you feel like you need a little extra attention to those places… this would be a good time for that.

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Get In The Kitchen And Dance!

When I am especially stressed I do one of two things… I don't know why. I either go in the bathroom, lock the door, turn on some music ( Shaggy's Angel and Boomtastic) and I clean the hell out of our bathroom.

But the Kitchen is my creation place. I love the smells and taste of creating something new and wonderful. So when I am stressed that's the best place for me to be. Music can be the easiest way to improve your mood, add creating something new in the kitchen, and you have a cocktail for a better day.

Get your groove on, portable wifi speakers are my best friends. Sometimes I am almost disappointed that dinner is finished because I have been having such a good time.

Go Outside!

Yep, the weather in most of the country is just wet and awful. I get it.  Because I hate going outside when it is cold. My bones hurt in the cold and I will run from my garage to my warm car to avoid being cold.

However, science has proved that even when it is pouring and gray ( Like it is here in Seattle)  you can still get a mood lift from being outside for as few as 10 minutes.

Grab your umbrella and favorite rain boots, bundle up, and go for a walk!  Your body and your mind will thank you.

Breathe in the cool fresh air and let your body's natural stress fighters do their job.

Plan A New Adventure!

250x250 Be Bold, Be Flirty, Be Swim Sexy at!Planning a vacation or just a simple local adventure can be just as much fun as actually going. You have something to look forward to and it helps the days to move by so much faster.

Where would you go? What would you do?  Who would you like to take with you?

Go ahead and take some time to focus on YOU for a while and you will find that your troubles won't seem so heavy.  Take a mental break and de-stress.  You deserve it!

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies



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