Finding My Groove with Buddha

Buddha Groove

I have been stressed recently.  I can feel it deep in my chest and I struggle to reach for air in my lungs. Things all around me are complicated and I want so much to find my groove.

So I turn back to yoga and meditation for some sort of relief or grounding. It calms me, but it is still an effort to carve out time for it.

I need gentle reminders to keep fighting for calm, for a sense of balance. Sometimes I need reminders just to breathe.  So I set up reminders on my phone to go take 5 minutes to stretch, breathe and to find my center.

I love this place I found, Buddha Groove.  It reminds me of some imaginary place in Bali that is always a cool 75 with gentle breezes and scarves blowing in mediation tents. I want that place to be real, and bit by bit I start to carve that place into reality.

Elegant Lotus Mandala Cotton Scarves

I found a gift for my husband there.  He never asks for anything like this, but he was looking over my shoulder when I was daydreaming through their items and said he would really like to have this bracelet. I got it and in a few days it came and I was even happier with it in person than I thought I would be.

I love the little bags they are shipped in, it feels like unwrapping a special prize.

There are a few things there on my wishlist now. Things that are beautiful and make me smile. We all need to smile more.

Here are a few of my favorite things from Buddha Groove


Artistic Tree of Life Window Art – $36.00

from: Buddha Groove

Thich Nhat Hanh Reverence Pendant Necklace – $36.00

from: Buddha Groove

Weathered Garden Buddha Statue, Antique Stone Finish – $48.00

from: Buddha Groove


Moving Forward

I am learning to let go and accept change.  But it’s hard and I need a lot of practice.  I started carving out more time each day to sit and calm my mind.  It isn’t easy when there are so many things stirring around in there.

This week I pulled out my yoga mat and made time to stretch and get into some calming yoga poses.  I know that it’s been a long time, but it still feels good to sit in the morning sun and try to reclaim some balance to the day.

Finding balance isn’t easy. In fact, think about the art of balancing, it is always a struggle to keep from tipping from one side to another. Trying to avoid slipping to one heavier thought that seems to be more pressing over balance and calm is part of the effort.

I know that many of you out there are looking to find your inner peace, your centered place. The world is unsettled and it’s hard not to let that tear you apart.

I hope that maybe today you can take some time to sit in the quiet and soak in some mediation. Maybe look into taking a class in mindfulness or yoga or simply going outside and lying in the warm sun to find your happy place.

Today I wish you wellness and peace,


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