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I love reading travel blogs. Who doesn't love the beautiful pictures and exciting locations> The idea of travel makes me daydream of exploring the world and swimming in warm waters, however, what I don't love about reading travel blogs is thinking that I am too old at 40 something to enjoy traveling as much as these 20 something seems to be doing.

There are hundreds of travel blogs being written every day. Which ones matter?

Travel blogging is trendy

Travel blogs are filled with beautiful, thin, model perfect tanned girls in tiny bikinis that are taking to their laptops and writing blogs about their dreamlike lives from perfect white beaches. Their counterparts are also studs with perfect smiles and abs of steel who cliff dive into aquamarine pools after trekking 50 miles through the jungles. I likely would die from heat exhaustion and be complaining the whole time. It's true… I hate being sweaty.

On one of my adventures, I spotted this amazing building… and I went right in and asked for a tour. And I got one!

I want to read more blogs about real people going out and doing awesome things. And, truthfully, I want to read about what NOT to do. The other day, I read a really great article  ( DANG it, I wish I'd saved it and now I can't find it.)  about reasons you should NOT go to Mykonos.  And it was fantastic and real, and honestly, I am so glad that I read it before booking my trip there.  The top reason is that I hate getting to a place that looks amazing and wanting to relax and being smothered by 2000 other people who also are exhausted from trying to get to this perfect relaxing place.


When I write about travel it is a bit different. Recently I  wrote tips about not going to London in the summer because they don't have air conditioning and you will die from sweating in the tubes! When I was planning my trip, I had no idea how hot it would be and the lack of air conditioning was crazy. So,I try to write about the real things that happen on my trips without sounding like I am complaining.  I want my readers to know what to really expect. Not to mention, who really wants to go on a 3-hour hike uphill in Mexico to see some 1,000 other people somehow manage to make it up there without pulling a muscle, crowding in front of the lookout spot with their selfie sticks.  I write about finding a good lounge chair and getting a nap.

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I can't go back in time with my current bank account and start over.  And I wouldn't trade the life I've had with my family and friends to be able to tan on the beach with my 20 something-year-old body. I worked hard then to be able to take time now and enjoy life now.

Where the heck do 20 Somethings so much money to take a month in Bali before heading to Mexico for margaritas? Don't they have jobs, student loans, what about car payments?

I know life is different for the 20 somethings now. They were raised differently, given different goals in life. I know, I raised 5 of them!

When I was your age!

At their age, I was chasing kids and trying to keep them from cliff diving from our roof. ( Yes, they really did climb on the roof and jump off… into a pile of leaves and one of them did, in fact, put a branch through his foot. Thanks Uncle Nic, for watching them that day.. great idea. )


We didn't have the time or the money to travel to the world's best beaches. We were trying to keep our kids and ourselves with a roof over our head.

Now after almost all of the kids have left… and came back.. and left. Oh wait.. some are here, waiting for another one to come back. Yeah.. that room is empty now. Now after we have gotten to a better spot in our lives, it is our time to travel the world and enjoy all that we worked so hard for.

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No Time for BS

But the one thing that I really have to embrace is that I just don't give a shit about being perfect.  There is so much pressure to have the perfect body, to travel so many times a year to places beyond, and to live this giant life.  I am telling you that there are plenty of great moments to be had by just looking around, taking a trip to the neighbor town and exploring new places in your own state.

You don't have to break the bank to carve out time and a quiet moment enjoying the summer breeze at a local state park.  You can chase your travel dreams and still be smart about where you go.  I love the advice that I embraced many years ago.. If it looks too good to be real, it's probably fake. Don't take the fake. Say no to fake bodies, fake friends, and fake living.

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