We have BIG NEWS!


After four great years of living in the PNW, our time here is coming to an end. We are selling our house and moving back to the East Coast. Our next adventure is here!

We came out here for work. Our lives needed a change of pace. My husband and I love Seattle; we had been vacationing out here for years. I still ADORE Seattle, but I miss my friends and family that we left behind in Baltimore.


I didn’t acclimate well. I tried, I gave it my best shot. I guess I just didn’t fit in. And that’s okay. I have family and friends who missed us and asked us over and over in the last few years to come home. After our last visit out there, it was clear that we wanted to be back with them as much as they wanted us to be there.

The Weather

I’ll miss the PNW summers. They are amazing and beautiful. There is so much to see and do in the area. Even the darker winters weren’t as severe as having to shovel snow. However, the wildfires in the area this summer have made it really hard for me to be out. My lungs aren’t the best after having pneumonia a few times. I don’t blame the area for the fires making me sick, but it is something to consider.

Riley doesn’t know it yet, but we are moving to a BIG yard for him!

I’ll miss taking my dogs out and exploring the woods and farmer’s markets by the water.

However, I have a new adventure ahead of me, and I am very excited about what’s ahead!

Selling Our House

We are packing up and have put our current house for sale. I HATE moving. So this is the worst part for me. Everything is in boxes, and we have been trying to keep the house spotless for the real estate agents.

As much as you might have heard about the crazy housing frenzy out here, it seems that it might have been a fairy tale or maybe just not as frenzied for us. It’s been pretty mellow. We have had a few showings. Those are crazy… having to scramble out of the house with the dogs and make it look like we always live in a perfect dollhouse. HA! I don’t!

Terrible Real Estate Agents

Our agent is great.  But be warned, friends, there are some real scumbags out there just trying to take advantage of people.


We had one jerkface agent call and demand that I get out of the house in minutes. When told him I had a doctor’s appointment and couldn’t take my dogs with me, he gruffly said he would take his buyer to another house because their time was important and he would just sell them one of the other 4 on his list.

Quickly we managed to get out of the house in a few minutes as he had asked. But unfortunately, after looking at my security camera after he left, he was just a slimeball agent wanting to look through our house and talk badly about it to one of my neighbors who was listing her house with him. Then he listed her house right under our house. “I don’t like this house; our house is much better than this one.” That’s what he said to my Ring doorbell. How RUDE!

So be careful friends! Not every agent is a good guy!

One to the Next!

One of the best things about moving is finding our new house. And we have found a great piece of land that we are going to build our new house one. I am so excited for the big country porch and the chef’s kitchen! But I am more excited that we already have standing plans for big Sunday dinners with our friends and family in our new home.
I can’t wait for holiday gatherings again with a house filled to the brim with the people I love.

( The Future Firefly Gardens will be here in this field)

That’s our BIG NEWS!

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