Here we are again, the mid-year slump.  I saw a funny quote from Ellen about August being the Sunday of the Summer, and I thought actually August feels more like the Sunday of the year.  Everything slows down in August. It’s too hot to be out all day, easy to nap away the day or binge watch a new show.

Every year I try to take August and spend more time offline and with my family.  I slow my blog down in August, I rarely post, and in September I get back on like it is the first day of school.  I need that time to spend with my kids and to give myself some time off before jumping back in. It is so important to give yourself some care and time off, not run yourself down trying to be everything for everyone.

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I know that my productivity falls towards the end of summer. Because of the heat, I often struggle more with my Lyme Disease because I don't tolerate heat well. That’s why I schedule my time around knowing my ups and downs. And really, I know that most of our regular readers slow down a bit too during August.  So it’s a good time for everyone to spend more time in the napping on the hammock and less time locked in my office.

As we start to head back to a heavier workload here are a few tips to get your head back in the game and get out of the August slump!

·         Practice limited Social Media – Facebook is one of the biggest time sucks of all times! I am so guilty of losing hours to scrolling around to see what’s going on or reading the “news.”.  This is the best time to start setting better restraint on social media time.

·         Reduce Distraction – This goes right along with social media, but it is also a little deeper.  To reduce some of the time, I spend being distracted; I also reduce the number of people who are in my social media circles.  I do a social media cleanse and get rid of anyone that isn’t a positive influence.  I ask myself “ Would I invite this person over for dinner and feel comfortable sharing myself and my family with them?”  If the answer is no, then I don’t need them on social media.

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·         Set Goals – Yeah yeah, every January we set new goals for the year.  However, August is the best time to also reevaluate those goals and set new ones.

·         Make a Time Line – Start keeping track of how everything you do in a day ( don’t cheat!)  and evaluate where your time goes.

When you know where your time goes make better use of it – What are your priorities and what do you waste time doing? Write down what your priorities are and put them somewhere that you often find yourself getting distracted.

There is nothing wrong with taking some time to focus on yourself and your family.  It’s great when we can turn off the technology for a while and spend more time finding our happy places.  This is the best time to rejuvenate and get ready for the next run towards your goals.

 I’d love to hear what you are doing with your summer and what your end of summer routine looks like.

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