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I read this post this morning and it brought me to tears. This is such a brave, beautiful girl, reaching out to the world and daring them to think differently.

(I can't figure out my feelings for this picture) ✨ shout out to the kids with chubby cheeks and big noses, with crooked or chipped teeth and chapped lips, with round faces and long necks, small and thin lips and skin with natural imperfections. Shout out to the kids with big feet and wobbly knees, bodies with no curves or curves in unique places, freckles and scars and peach fuzz whether it's light or dark. Kids with veins and dark circles and cellulite that creates hidden faces in their flesh. Kids who are learning to do their hair and match their makeup, who are learning to dress and find their confidence. Shout out to the kids who struggle to keep clean, to wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, to do basic tasks and keep up with personal hygiene. Shout out to the kids who wear their religion and their beliefs on their sleeves, to the kids who are stereotyped and picked at for where they came from. Shout out to all those kids that don't believe they're beautiful or perfect because of what society doesn't shine the light on. ✨

She touches on things that most people want to hide from the world, things we are told are ugly and we should be ashamed of. I think most teens look around a what social media tells us we should try to be like and feel this weight of sadness that they might never be pretty enough, blonde enough, tall enough, their pimples make them hide their faces.

I love this raw unfiltered photo of a real girl, a real teen with her own insecurities put right out there for everyone to see.

Dosie Rose is a role model for being strong enough to admit you aren't perfect, you are REAL and you don't have to be anyone other than the unique, quirky, fantastic person you were born to be.

She shines in a dark world, her special light calls out to others just like her and together they light up the night in a beautiful dance, a dance of fireflies that illuminates the dark and brightens every life they come across.

There are other photos of Dosie, all proudly calling out that you don't have to be what society tells you to be.  You are beautiful, creative, lovely no matter if you are tall, short, thin, or as she says  “kids with chubby cheeks and big noses.”

Instagram is filled to the brim with teens that try for hours to get the perfect pucker lip, the right lighting, the model figure, ect.  I would love to see more photos of kids being real, taking funny photos, laughing.  I am delighted to help spread some attention to girls being proud of their struggles, their “cellulite that creates hidden faces in their flesh.” and their perfect unique souls.

Thank you Dosie for making me feel better about myself and my flaws.  I hope to be as brave as you one day.


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