Believe it or not, before you know it summer will be over and kids will be heading back to school. So while the days maybe be slower, pre-planning now saves time AND money.  So get your pen and paper and write down these 10 things you have to do before August.

Clean out the old clothes

Every year parents like myself find that those last days before the kids head back to school suddenly become rushed to have more fun, pack in one last trip, clean out the areas we said we'd get to but didn't, buy school clothes, and get prepped for the school year.

Taking time midsummer to tackle those areas saves on headaches. Take it one hour at a time. Tackle dressers one day and closets the next.

Donate clothes and toys that kids no longer wear or play with.

Get a donation bag, a trash bag, and sort through with the idea that you only want to keep what you know will actually fit for the next 3 months and toys that they currently love. You'd be surprised at how many things are just “not fun” anymore and can be given away.

Charity groups will actually come to your house to pick up.  I love the Big Blue Truck, they come right out and take away my donations with no fuss.

Buy 2 back to school outfits that your child is excited to wear.

Every parent knows that when kids feel excited to get out the door to the first day, it is an easier drop off and smoother day. My kids loved having two outfits to choose from on that first day. Because their moods changed on which one to go with, so they had an option.

Shop the Back to School sales online instead of trying to take

Parents know, dragging kids through department stores is just awful for everyone.  That's why I love shopping online.  You can get it done first thing in the morning before heading off to a summer adventure.

Track down and replace old lunch boxes and lids for those containers.

I am always surprised at how many times I waited til the night before to find the lunch boxes only to realize one had been lost, one had a leftover tuna sandwich from JUNE, one was ripped, and I had no idea where any of the storage containers had gone.

Take time to go track all of that down. Order new ones if you need them.


Shoes are always on the shopping list.  From the time they are born til they start buying their own, kids are always outgrowing or losing their shoes. So before the school rush, get those shoes!

Get their hair, school ready.

After all that pool time, summer sun, and camp fun, we know kids need to get their hair back in shape.  So why not have a home “spa” day and do some pampering for your children?

Give them a good conditioning treatment for their hair, clip their nails, and talk to them about good skin care, especially for those tweens who might need some advice.  Haircuts probably need appointments if you are booking close to school time.

New Bedtime routines

August always signaled the return to bedtime hours.  Our kids had a new hour with each grade. The younger years we said goodnight to them around 7, middle school was 9, and high school was easy because they were always ready to be in their rooms by 10.

But I liked to get them excited about the change from summer freedom and I would buy them new jammies, sheets, and something older and more mature for their rooms. I wanted to acknowledge their growth and be a part of their transition.

Take time for yourself

Yes, I said it… you need to take time for yourself BEFORE school starts and 10,000 reasons come up NOT to do it.


Ask a Grandparent or friend to take the kids for the day and go treat yourself to a haircut and a mani-pedi.  Refresh YOU before everything speeds up and you find yourself with less time.   Meet up with a friend or just sit in a coffee shop and enjoy your free time. But take the time!


Soon school takes priority. Then routines, lessons, sports, homework, and then holidays and deadlines. If you do nothing else on this list, then take some time to sleep in late, do what you enjoy, relax while letting the kids run wild at home.  Turn on old movies, order pizza and Chinese for dinner.  Dance around in the backyard under the warm summer moon.


And chase fireflies… dream about what might be out there.  Find your dreams, your passion and challenge yourself and your children to chase them and make dreams a reality.

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies


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