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What makes you smile?  Is it sleeping in late on a Saturday morning and waking to the scent of breakfast being made?  Perhaps it’s spending time playing outside in the garden with nowhere to go and the day to do what you want. I love the sound of my children laughing together.

I cherish the slow quite mornings of summer. I always have, especially when my children were children.  During the summer they would all sleep in late and for some reason I would wake up at dawn instead of sleeping in while I had the chance. I would get up and spend the morning outside in the yard before it was filled with kids running through sprinklers, chasing barking dogs, or sticky with popsicles and the humid Maryland heat.

Whenever I think about those days of kids piled high on the hammock or the sound of their endless laughter, I always smile. It’s funny how you think the craziness will never even, but before you know it they are grown and you are wishing for just a few more cuddles and crazy days.

Our blog’s sponsor, Gymboree’s, has a new campaign called “Made You Smile” that  feels like crazy summer days filled with squirt guns and water balloons. They have been making quality kids clothes since 1986.  And this year’s clothes are popped with color, simple designs, and some that even have a casual retro feel that reminds me of my own childhood.

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Outside my window today, my neighbor girl is out drawing llamas with sidewalk chalk and her brothers are driving up and down the sidewalk in their little jeep.  Their laughter is music in the air.

Gymboree has always been a favored brand in our household. Their clothes just held up strong and didn’t soak up stains like some of the others did. And my kids were all hard on their clothes!  I felt good about letting them spend the day out digging bike paths and making mud pies in their outfits because I knew they would wash well and still look fantastic for the next time.  I wasn’t one of those moms who had “school clothes” and home clothes.  That was way too much work with all of my kids.

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Clothes just need to hold up and be a good quality no matter what kids put them through. I love the effort that Gymboree makes to keep kids looking and feeling like children, never pushing them to be little adults. I also love that the girls have clothes that don’t push them into dressing in frilly dresses or super “girly”, yet offer them options that make them smile.

So while it still feels like summer is here, it won’t be long before everyone is trying to crowd in and get their school shopping done. Skip the lines and order now online.  There is still time to get it all done and make it back out for ice cream and hoola hoops!

Are you ready for school to come back or are you holding on to summer days?


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