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I wouldn’t be a woman if I didn’t have a little bit of summer body anxiety. It seems like every year when the weather starts to warm up, I stand in front of the mirror assessing what my pale flesh has done over the winter. As a woman, I know I am not alone.

However, the winds of change have blown in a new acceptance of what real bodies look like. I love the empowering messages of love and acceptance that I see reflecting towards body images. People come in all shapes and sizes and it is about time that we start to fall in love with our own bodies.

Sleek Simple Swim Bottom 14/16 In Black By Hips & Curves

I love how clothing companies are starting, though still slowly, to come around to making clothes that look great on larger sizes. I can’t even tell you how many times I have stood in a dressing room in tears as I look at my body dressed in the same outfit that looked great on the model but somehow makes me look awful. It is depressing and just frustrating to look through the racks, reach to the very last item and hoping it will be one of the few XL’s they ordered. And even then, often those sizes aren’t true and they just don’t look right.


I am a curvaceous girl with smaller waste but a large bust and curvy sexy hips. I really had to settle into my curves and learn how to like them. When I was younger, I was thing and really didn’t have much WHOA to my bounce. But 3 babies later and a whole lotta livin, and I arrived at a body that I am growing to love. But finding outfits that my boobs fit into, not so easy.

Destination Daydream Top, Black Noir (Women’s Plus Size)

from: Kiyonna Clothing

It seems like in order to find an outfit that my girls fit into, somehow I lose any shape for the rest of the outfit. Or, if it fits nice in the hips then my breasts are somehow smooshed into a uniboob sort of shape at the top. And forget about going to the mall and finding a bra that fits! Those tiny girls look at me and give me that “oh crap what should I say” face when I ask about larger bra sizes or cups above a DD.

But I have found some great places online that make dressing sexy very simple.

Soft & Comfy Long Lounge Dress with Side Slit 1X In Black By Hips & Curves

This summer, I am done with wearing one-piece tutu style bathing suits and hiding that under a heavy long t-shirt that I’ve stolen from my husband. I want my own summer sexy outfits that I feel great in.

Recently, I found a bikini that I love with support for the girls that doesn’t have that weird frill at the bottom that really made me feel like a hippo in a tutu. I have given up hiding my arms, they are mine and I shouldn’t be ashamed of my freaking arms! In time,I am embracing the tank and summer dresses!

Mademoiselle Lace Dress, Sapphire Blue (Women’s Plus Size)

from: Kiyonna Clothing

Size shaming is still a thing. Fat girls will still have a problem being seen as models in spite of the fact that we are just as capable of strutting and posing our bodies as anyone else. And that is just not fair!

Swim Sexy Rhythm and Blues Flounce Underwire Bikini


I want to see real sized models, not photo shopped, wearing clothes that are made to accent larger bodies. I won’t shop in a place that only has clothes for skinny people and hides the “plus sizes” in the back behind the maternity clothes. That’s BS! If you want my money, then be proud to show off your clothes!


If I see floral printed tents hung up carelessly as the only option for women who have an ass bigger than a 12, I leave. I don’t need to be told that I need to dress like a jewish Grandma retired in Florida playing bingo, just because I’ve got more jiggle in my wiggle. Treat all women like they deserve to be treated, no matter their size.

So ladies, show off your favorite outfit in the comments!  Be proud of who you are and love your body!

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