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She is the world’s pickiest dog.  That’s what I think about her sometimes.  I love her; I would do anything for her. Wynter is my best friend and when she looks at me and smiles, I simply melt. Truthfully I probably would go broke if she actually liked more cookies or treats because I would always want that reaction.

However, that’s just not the nature of our relationship.  Ours is one of knowing that neither of us actually enjoys heavy engagement of PDA. She would rather sit as far from me as possible, while still being able to look over and meet eyes and a tail wag. And I really don’t like dogs that are in my face, begging for food or attention.  We are a great pair.

Wynter and I

Wynter is, however, getting older; she will be nine this year.  I look at her, and I know that her health is the most important thing. Sometimes I’m scared that I’m not doing enough to keep her with me for as long as possible. Sometimes she gets so picky that she won’t eat and that makes me frantic.

There are times when I travel, and she has to be left with someone else to feed her. I’ve gotten calls saying they have tried everything, but she isn’t eating.  She looks at her food bowl and walks away.


When I come home, I can see the weight loss. It breaks my heart.  I want to travel.  I hire great people to come and be with her.  But I know I can’t be gone long because she won’t eat.

She does it with me too.  Sometimes she just looks at her bowl and walks away.


Wynter loves for her bowl to be in the window of my office so she can look out and watch the street and the birds. I even have a twin bed in the office with her favorite kitty blanket in my office so she can be close to me.  And I watch her food bowl, sometimes frustrated that I haven’t found the right thing that inspires her to eat today.


TruDog- A Company We Love!

has helped so much.  They are a small company with great customer service.  I’ve called them!  I tried a couple of things that she didn’t like, and they have a 60-day return and were happy to help me return things she didn’t like.

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However, now let me tell you about our miracle find.  It’s like magic sprinkles!!


What is it?

Fortify Me is ground up beef, salmon skins, beet pulp, pumpkin, coconut oil, pineapple, sweet potato, and blueberries. It is this ground-up magic concoction is her FAVORITE thing!

The first day I was surprised when I opened the bag, and she actually got up to see what I had going on. Her kibble had been in the bowl for hours without her flinching, so I tossed a spoonful over it and stirred it up.  Interested, she moved my hand away to see what was going on for herself.  Within minutes every kibble was gone, and she licked the bowl!!  She actually licked the bowl!!  My dog doesn’t lick bowls!


My crazy dog

I thought it must be just a weird mood she was in.

Hours later she came in and got my attention, running back to her bowl and waiting for me beside it. She was hungry!  I was almost teary.  So I grabbed a cup of her kibble with the tiny freeze dry raw pieces that is really expensive, and I hate the cost but I know I’ll keep trying anything I possibly can.   Wyn sighed. Yes, she actually sighed and then picked through the kibble for all of the tasty bits and left the rest.  But she was clearly annoyed.  Looking at me again with this “ I know you aren’t that stupid” look she looked over at the bag of TruDog Fortify Me that was on my desk and wagged her tail.  I had forgotten about it for a moment, but she didn’t. Grabbing her spoon, I added a little bit over her food and stirred it up.  It’s dry, but I wanted to hide the bits in the bottom.  Again, she excitedly ate every last bite.  Moreover, I am sold!

She loves it, and I feel good about giving it to her.  It’s made in Ohio, and I love that I don’t have to worry about where it comes from because it is made in a certified and inspected facility that doesn’t use anything artificial. It’s free of wheat, grain, corn, salt, antibiotics, soy, gluten, coloring, sugar and no added hormones.

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It is 49% protein. So this is a supplement for her food that I trust for my girl.  I just love it.  And I know she loves it too because she’s drooling as she looks at me taking pictures of it on my desk! I hope you will give it a try.  If your dog needs a little extra, this is amazing, and I know will be a lifelong customer.

Try it and let me know what you think!  We want to see photos of your dog!!

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