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Top Ten Tips for Traveling to the Alps


When you hear the word “Alps” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? You might think mountains, snow, and Switzerland and yes, you are partly correct. What you might not know is that the Alps is the highest and most extensive mountain range that can be found and they actually pass through several countries in Europe.

Out of all the countries that the Alps Mountains pass through, Switzerland and Austria are the only ones that are Alpine. The parts of the range that goes through France and Switzerland are the most famous.

travel to the alps

The Alps are absolutely breathtaking, so if you love to travel and take on new adventures, make sure you add it to your list of places to visit. If you’re already imagining your trip to Europe, read on and keep these ten tips for traveling to the Alps in mind:

1.    Traveling to Europe

As you already know, the Alps actually pass through different countries in Europe so you can choose which country you want to travel to the Alps. You can also travel to all of the countries to see the marvelous mountains. You can visit Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy or Germany.

Decide first which country or countries you would like to visit so you can plan your itinerary better. Each country would have different options for you.

2.    Travel options

There are different travel options available for every country. You can research on these before your trip so that you’re prepared even before you land. For example, in countries like Switzerland and Austria, traveling via public transportation is highly recommended. You don’t need to rent a car which is more expensive. You can just purchase a Swiss Pass for unlimited travel via train or bus. If you decide to rent a car, make sure you have GPS to help you navigate around the country.

travel to the alps

3.    Foreign Currency

You can exchange your cash for the currency of the country you’re in, but this may mean more expensive fees for you.  Nowadays, people can just withdraw from the ATMs available, so you get a good exchange rate. You can also use your credit card to pay for your bills than choose to pay in the local currency.



4.    Languages

It would help to be familiar with the language of the country you’re visiting or at least learn some common words and phrases that you can use for daily conversation. Learn to say a few phrases like Hello, Good Morning, Good evening, How do you do and Thank you. It’s polite, and it will help you communicate with the locals.  Most people in tourist areas speak English, but in Europe, the majority of the people are French or German speaking.

5.    Weather and Altitude

The mountains are big and high so travelers visiting the Alps might experience altitude sickness. Try to gradually make your body adjust to the rising altitudes for a few days, as much as possible. Don’t get too excited and ride a cable car straight to the highest point because it might be harmful to your health.

6.    Clothing

The weather can be quite warm during the summer in the Alps, but at higher altitudes, the temperature can be very different.  Some of the most recommended pieces of clothing you should pack, regardless of the weather, are closed toe shoes or hiking boots, jackets, sweaters, pants, beanies, gloves, waterproof clothing and shoes.

It can get really cold in the Alps, so you might want to keep yourself fully covered. Wearing the right type of clothing will keep you warm and also help you move more freely. You’ll be more comfortable walking around and trying out the different activities you can do in the Alps.


7.    Activities for Leisure and Relaxation

There are a lot of things you can do when you visit the Alps aside from admiring the magnificent view. You can go hiking and walk around as you explore the Alps.  If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try sports like snowboarding and skiing. The Swiss Alps is one of the most famous spots for skiing in the world because it has the best slopes, so it’s the best place to experience skiing.

If you just want to rest and appreciate the view, there are a lot of beautiful resorts and hotels that you can visit. The hotels will surely provide you with everything you need to be comfortable and relaxed during your vacation at the Alps.

8.    Food

Research the specialties of cuisine of the country that you’re visiting. Make sure you try them to truly experience the essence of the country you’re in. Cheese fondue originated in the Swiss Alps so make sure you try it, and other specialties like raclette are quite popular as well. If you visit the Italian Alps, try some of their specialties like sciatt and pizzocherri. Do a little research before your trip, so you have an idea of what to look for when you’re there.

9.    Explore

When you visit a new country, try to also visit the less popular tourist destinations they have so you’ll get to learn more about the culture and lifestyle of the locals. Try to visit the smaller towns. Talk to the locals and ask them for recommendations on what to see, where to go and what to eat. After all, nobody else knows their country better than them. Learn about their history and culture, visit museums and parks, but also check out the not so touristy spots in their area, as recommended by the locals.

10. Gadgets and Electronics

As a traveler, you will probably need to bring several gadgets with you to help you document your trip; like digital cameras or go pros, laptops, and cellphones. You may even want to bring other small personal electric appliances like blow dryers and shavers. Don’t forget to bring adapters and converters (110-220v) for these US electronics, so you are ready for whatever type of power outlets they have at your destination.


No matter what type of traveler you are, whether you’re an adventurer or just a simple nature lover, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Alps.  Follow these ten tips for traveling to the Alps to enhance your experience and prepare yourself adequately for your trip, and you’ll surely have a good time.

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