5 Quick Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day is May 13th and it's coming up fast.  So if you haven't already found what you were looking for, here are 5 quick gifts you can order today and surprise the Mother in your life with something wonderful.

This is one of the rare pictures with MOST of the kids together. Now that they are all grown up, it is so hard to get them all in one photo!

Gardening Mom

I definitely fall into this category. I spend all of my free time in the garden. Truthfully, I love everything about growing a garden and enjoying the beauty of my hard work.

Sunnydaze Steel Dump Utility Cart with Folding Sides and Liner Set, Heavy-Duty 660 Pound Weight Capacity, Blue

I really like this little cart because you can pull the mulch or stones around and dump them easily. The liner is really nice for moving around top soil and the handle is easy to grasp. This would totally be my choice for something nice and handy for Gardening Mom.

Serenity Health & Home Decor

Zen Yoga Mom

There are times when I fall into this category too. I love yoga and I really want to make more time for some mindful meditation.  When I went looking through Buddha Groove's site, I fell in love with so many things there.  From beautiful jewelry to stunning statues.  So picking something from here for Zen Mom was a little hard.

Mother and Child Jasper Gemstone Statue

 Buddha Groove

There is something so sweet and calming about this lovely statue.  It reminds me of a necklace that I got for one of my early Mother's day gifts from my kids a long time ago. I still wear it and it reminds me of that special bond.

Cooking Mom

Of all of the Mom jobs that I have, cooking is probably one of my favorites. It's creative, it tastes good, and it's a place where I can explore different styles of cooking and challenge myself to get better.  When thinking of a good gift for the Mom who likes to cook, I wanted something that wasn't the typical pots or pans, or weird gadget.  That's when I remembered how much I love trying new spices and a box I got from Raw Spice Bar.

Quarterly Spice Subscription – 6 Months Rollover – Pantry Spice Blends

from: RawSpiceBar

 spices buy spices organic spices

True story, I have actually been a customer of theirs for a while.  I love their spices and I use these in my kitchen all the time!

Yep, that's my hand and my spices. The Cardamom summer is so freaking amazing.
Yep, that's my hand and my spices. The Cardamom summer is so freaking amazing.

So what is cool about this gift is that they have so many varieties of spices and blends. I've tried a few of them and they are great quality.  I LOVE them and these are some of the spices I used in my Zesty Carrots recipe!

I highly recommend giving your Cooking Mom the 6 month subscription and each month she'll be surprised with something new and cool for her culinary adventures.

On The Go Mom

When my kids were little, I feel like I was always on the go. The idea of having enough time to leisurely chat in coffee shops and have some ME time seemed absurd. And I never felt like I had enough time in the mornings while trying to get everyone out of the door.

This is one is for that Mom.  The one who deserves a great start to her morning without having to make one more stop in her day.

Rancilio Silvia M Espresso Machine V5


A home espresso maker is simply a luxury that I didn't think I'd ever have, until I did…and now I can't think about drip coffee or worse… McDonalds coffee.  No.. no no no, not going to ever do that again. Nooooo!

Check out the Rancilio Silvia espresso and cappuccino machine. Rancilio has been a leader in its class for over eight years. Rancilio took their experience in manufacturing some of the finest commercial machines available and put it to work to offer a high quality machine for the home user at an affordable price. Version M offers a new thermal wrapped lead-free brass boiler, making the best even better! It's no wonder that the Rancilio Silvia has become the gold standard against which other home espresso machines are judged.

Boozy Mom

Okay, we all know Boozy Mom. She's cool, she's funny, and she's popular. Some days I aspire to be Boozy Mom, however my drinking skills are pretty low. However… I know some Boozy Moms.

This last gift is fun and makes life easier for Boozy Mom too.  That's why I think it is a good gift.


first my mother forever my friend etched wine

50% OFF First Time Orders at Celebration Cellars

Customized wine bottles are so cool and unique.  I think this is such a fun gift from adult children to their newly free Mom.  Or as a funny gift from the kids who are driving you to drink!


That's my top 5 gifts for Mother's Day 2018! I hope you find something you are excited to give and most of all I hope you let the Mother in your life know how you feel about her.

I grew up being raised by a very special woman who took me in and loved me dearly. Not every woman is meant to give birth to a child, but her love of a child and the joy she has in sharing the highs and lows in raising that child makes her a Mother. And in the same, not every woman who gives birth to a child is a great Mother.  I was adopted and I adopted my own children.  Love is truly what matters.

Have a great day,


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