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Guest Bloggers Wanted.

Have an extra special piece that you think is awesome and want to share it?  This week I am looking for a few people willing to share their creative talents and be our featured Guest Bloggers.


Have an extra special piece that you think is awesome and want to share it?  This week I am looking for a few people willing to share their creative talents and be our featured Guest Bloggers.

While we cannot pay you for your article, we do our best to promote through our social media streams so that you can be seen by all of our readers and fans. In the world of blogging, exposure is key.
Dancing With Fireflies regularly reshares popular blog posts from many years ago, so your article should be evergreen.
We are currently looking for posts relating to:
Travel, Recipes and Tips, Lyme Disease, and Inspirational posts.

Here are a few of our guidelines for submitting Guest Blog Posts Pitches:

1. Content must be original to our site — written by you, and not published anywhere else.

2. Posts should be 600 words+. Max 900 words. Articles should be written in clear understandable English.

3. We prefer content that is unique, personal, or informational. Posts that are a straightforward advertisement will not be accepted. Our goal is to write personal articles that are enjoyable to read.

4. Include a short bio about yourself and your experience, 100 words max. You can include one link to your business here and your social media links. Please don’t hyperlink, instead include your links in brackets like this ([]. A photo for your bio may also be included.

5. Credit all outside sources appropriately. However we ask that you do not include needless links. Example: “ This apple pie is great.” We know what an apple is. We don’t need links explaining what it is. Too many links are annoying.

6. All submissions must be attached to an email. Use of Word is preferred.

7. If you would like to include an image, please use a high-quality photo, the rights to which you own. We reserve the right to make any adjustments to the photo, including but not limited to sizing, cropping, and other edits. If you do not provide an image, we will select our own image.

8. We reserve the right to edit, partially or completely, every submission, including headlines and sub-headings. Links back to your own blog or site should be modest and fit the content of your post. If you include too many links, we may edit. Make sure any links in your post are relevant and valid. Links deemed to be irrelevant to the main idea of your post will be removed. Also non-working links will be removed.

9. Submission does not guarantee publication. Submissions with a “visit my site” or “check out my product” type feel will not be accepted. Trust us, we will promote you as a guest blogger, you don’t have to do it in the post.

10. We also ask that you are a part of sharing the effort of making Dancing With Fireflies successful and ask that you share at least one link to either on your blog or via social media avenues at least once during the week in which you are featured.

11. We also request that you follow us on our social media.

a. Facebook-

b. Twitter-

c. Instagram-

How to write a great blog post for Dancing with Fireflies:

• Create a catchy title. Your first paragraph must contain these keywords and your final paragraph must also wrap up with these keywords. Choose your Tags carefully.

• Use subheadings, write short paragraphs, and write to the common reader.
• Be inspiring. Most of our articles have a very personal feel. This is a storytelling place. Our readers want to relate to your story.
• We love tips and tools for the reader that make them think and improve their lives.



General guidelines

  • Write a post with really useful content.
  • Write with Dancing with Firefly Readers in mind.
  • Your post must be original and written ONLY for
  • Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws (this includes images, videos or audio too).
  • Have an introduction that attracts interest.
  • Use headings, subheadings, bold font for key sentences and bulleted lists so it is easy to read.
  • Have a conclusion.
  • Please send us the links and we will add them.
  • Carefully edit and proofread your post.
  • Be prepared to respond to comments in a timely manner over the next few days.


  • Change the font or the font color, or use , or tags.
  • Include affiliate links.
  • Attach images to the post.


 All Guest Blogs are posted on Tuesdays.  Please make sure your piece is free of typos before you send them in.  If you are using pictures make sure you have permission to use them as well as sending me the info to give credit.

We allow guest authors to add a short bio and maximum three links that can link back to their blog or website.

After we read your submission we will make the judgment to see if it fits with our blog and adds value. Some posts will not be published.

What is Guest Blogging all about? It’s all about getting your content published as a guest blogger. Your piece will be viewed by our readers who might just like you so much they will follow you too! This is a great opportunity for new authors to share some of their literary talents and gain some readers.

To become a Guest Blogger simply email me directly at

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      1. Okay… sounds good… My writing partner is on board. We just have to figure out what to do.

        Our writing is somewhat dark (dystopian usually is :)). Is this okay? If you would like, check out our blog… we write average length pieces… but we can write a shorter piece for your blog. I see the themes. Is there one in particular you would like to showcase?

        Thanks! Kaisy and James

        1. Dark sounds wonderfully fantastic! Why don’t you both really think about writing a piece that showcases who you both are as writers. I would love to show other writers how writing in tandem actually works.

          Go for it!

  1. After struggling with figuring out what to do after university, I feel I’m now on the right path and have stopped comparing myself with fellow twenty-somethings. I’d like to write about my new beginning in the hopes it will inspire other twenty-somethings who may be struggling with, “What do I do now?”

  2. Hmm. This is interesting. I’d love to be a guest blogger, but do not find myself fully-equipped to do so. I’ll hit you up if I come up with a guest-blogger-worthy post!

  3. Hello, I wanted to do a piece on what the concept of love is in India, a perspective on Valentine’s day in a third world country. My genre is humour and you could have a look at my blog for an idea of what it is. Can you tell me, if there is any chance of me writing a piece for this website? I would love to…….

  4. Hey I’ve posted here before and then went MIA for a while, but I’d love to write something up again! 🙂

    The theme for April is romance, by that do you mean anything in relation to romance? Any further guidelines you could run by me? 😉

  5. I’d be very interested. I have a lot of blogging done on Lyme disease. I’d like to share my experiences and hopefully help some people with their own struggles.

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