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Have you ever been so tired that just the thought of moving makes you want to put your head down and cry? I know I am just exhausted. I swim in the heaviness and my eyes beg to close for just a moment, but I don't dare because I know that I won't open them again for hours. I'm there… really.. I'm just done.

Maybe it's the weather, dark and gloomy that's got me down. I know I'm sleeping at night because I am dragging my heavy swollen with sleep body off the couch each night and wishing I didn't have to go through the motions of preparing for bed. Sleep is coming, but it's not refreshing, it's not waking me up in the morning and telling me that I have recharged for the last 10 hours and I can do anything.. it's just making me want more.

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Is this normal?

Winter is always stressful for me. I hate cold weather because it makes my joins ache. But everyone seems to love snow days and winter sports. I'll smile and pretend for everyone else that I don't want to crawl into my cave of coziness and sleep like a drunk with a bottle. But deep down, I just want a nap.

My Lyme could be kicking my butt a little stronger, maybe. But I am living on coffee some days to just get through the day and waiting til 9 each night so I can pass out without the guilt. Until then, I have to keep my eyes open.. even at the stop light.

Tips for feeling less tired

I know that many of us suffer from exhaustion and are looking for solutions. I came across a few that are actually helpful.

  • B12 injections
  • Yoga
  • Light walks to break up the day
  • Upbeat music
  • A cup of tea midafternoon

We would love to hear your tips for beating exhaustion and getting moving.


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