Every adventure calls for specific items to make sure you are prepared and not left searching for a replacement. While shopping in London is easy, it is also expensive.  So make sure you are saving your money for the things you would like to do, like giving Padella in the Borough Market a try, rather than trying to get an extra wall plug.


Fresh pasta made daily at Padella is worth the wait.


Passports and Backups

Before you can head to London, you must have a current passport.  That part is pretty easy to remember. But did you know that you should also have printed copies of your passport and credit cards?  I suggest making copies and keeping one in your carry-on bag and even another in your checked bag, just in case you happen to leave or lose your carryon somewhere.

Prepare for Rain

Layers and a raincoat are a must in London.  But I suggest leaving your umbrella home.  The sidewalks are busy, and everything moves very quickly. Fussing with an umbrella just isn’t acceptable. Instead opt for a cute hat, a scarf, and warm layers that you can immediately take off once you are down in the underground where the heat is high and sometimes uncomfortable in a heavy coat.  

The weather can change rapidly, and you want to be comfortable. I love having a light shirt, cardigan, and a warm outdoor vest for most days.  If it is cold and windy, grab a scarf and hat, and you are good to go.


Pack your Plugs

Don’t forget your phone charger, watch charger, laptop/iPad charger and don’t forget that British plugs are different so you will need multiple plug adapters and converters. You don’t want to get there and not have the ability to charge your tech gear.  I also suggest bringing an extra backup charger for your phone. On my last trip to London, my phone charger went bad and thankfully my husband had an extra for me.  Check before you go if your hotel has hairdryers. Most places we have stayed had them in the room or available at the desk.


Save your Feet

Don’t be a slave to fashion when heading to London. It is a walking town, and sometimes you will be walking for miles. Wear comfortable walking shoes.  You don’t want to suffer from blisters and still be walking miles each day. Don’t forget good socks that won’t slide down. Pack extra socks, sometimes in the rain, we had to change our socks, and you don’t want to be down a pair at the end. Bandaids and moleskin are a must if you are thinking of wearing cute shoes. Feet swell and your shoes fit differently in new places. Don’t be left hopping along with uncomfortable shoes.


Just in Case

We also like to bring a reusable shopping bag. They can be folded tightly in your suitcase and pulled out when you are ready to go for those souvenirs and extras that didn’t make the suitcase. On my last trip we realized we had lots of snacks left over and were great for the flight home, we tossed them in our shopping bag, and they didn’t count towards our bag total in the airport. Also, Heathrow has so many great shops to choose from that we picked up treats for friends and family and tossed them in our bag. We also used our bag during the week for groceries and things we purchased along the way.


 If you are heading to London have a great trip! Watch out when crossing the streets, and take lots of photos! We’d love to hear about your adventures and even your travel tips!


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