It’s 5:30 am here in London and it's my birthday. I’ve been awake for a while thinking about the last many years of my life and how I am so thankful for the way my life has turned out. I have all I need, more than I knew I ever wanted, and here in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping… all I kinda want right now is a long hot shower.

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We take water for granted. Long showers to wash away stress, wake up for the day, sometimes sing or even cry. But there are so many out there literally dying for a drink of clean water. The same water we mindlessly flush without a second thought.

I want to be part of the change, part of the good in the world.

I’m donating a portion of the profits of my blog to bring clean water to those who dream of a life of clean water.

For a long time I have wanted to get involved in some charity organizations that worked hard to bring about positive changes. The idea of children dying because they need clean water breaks my heart. The one thing that most of us take for granted, use without thought, even abuse is water.

From leaving the tap on while we brush our teeth, irrigation for our lawns and gardens, to going through the car wash when our cars get a little dirty, we all are guilty of forgetting about water and how there are people dying for this simple pleasure.

This year I promised myself that I was going to make changes in my life that brought me back to a place of peace and love. Sometimes the road gets bumpy and you start to take shortcuts, losing sight of where you need to be.

2018 will be a year of changes.

One of those changes was to focus more on giving back. I'm doing more to be a force of change and positivity. I'm done with being frustrated by the things I can not control.

Water Fact: Some women and girls spend up to 6 hours every day collecting water

Last year was hard, I had to relearn so many things that I thought I'd already mastered. The year before I had to deal with some huge life moments. It is time to stop wishing I could go back in time.

Kids drinking safe water

This year I want to do more to embrace positive changes. Lets make the effort to DO more to bring about the changes.  Yeah yeah.. it sounds so cliché, but it doesn't take much. In just a few hours I was able to raise $250 for this charity, that means that someone out there will actually have benefitted from my birthday this year.

I've been looking into this charity for a while. They are one of the highest rated charity organizations. They empower people to make changes in their lives, not handouts.

Water Fact: 1 in 9 people lack access to safe water and 1 in 3 people lack access to a toilet

Sadly, 1 million people will die this year because of unsanitary water illnesses.  That is not right.

For my birthday, Facebook made it very easy to set a goal to raise money. Which, obviously I chose

Safe water flows from a waterpoint in Kodihalli village, India

If you would like to help my efforts to raise money, please come celebrate my birthday and donate on my charity page on  Every penny counts. The only amount that is too little is nothing at all.


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