Hello 2018!  We are off to a fun start to the year. It has already been pretty exciting.  I've booked several adventures, including London and Portland.  I've seen a few entertaining movies and had some fun making new dishes in the kitchen. And today I saw that I have been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award (created by Okoto Enigma from Okoto Enigma’s Blog)


This is really a fun little blog thing that usually I stay away from. But I realized that there need to be more fun and more appreciation in 2018. So here we go!

I was nominated by Paula.  She runs the beautiful blog www.Thevalueofamoment.com and after the nomination I spent some time enjoying her posts.  She has some pretty interesting articles over there and I hope you will check them out!  She and I share losing our fathers and struggling with grief around the holidays, so I really enjoyed her article about grief and the holidays.

So let's get on with this cool blogging award.  These are always fun because they dig a little deeper into who we are as bloggers and as people.


“Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.

Three Things About Me:

Well to be completely honest, as much as I love to blog about the things I do and see, I have a hard time really talking about myself. So this is actually kind of hard!

  1. I LOVE pigs.  I absolutely adore little piglets.  In fact I wake up every morning and watch at least three piggy videos each day to make me smile before getting out of bed.
  2. I am more than a Mother, Wife, Sister, Blogger, Woman.  But I hate introductions where I have to tell people who I am and what I do.
  3. The strangest job I've ever had was being a phone psychic for like 7 years. It was insanity and so much fun.  One of these days I am going to have to write a few blog posts about my time as a “Spiritual Advisor” and see what you think.

Links to My Best Posts:

The 5 Questions Asked By My Nominator:

1. How did you choose the name of your blog? 

Wow, yeah…  I've been blogging a very long time. In what started out as a personal journal has become something bigger and so much more fun.  So the name “Dancing With Fireflies” came about from an experience I had as a very small girl.  I was alone, dealing with the reality of being abandoned by my parents, and searching for answers in the stars.  You can read more about what I discovered out there here.  It's sort of a long story.
2. What are your goals for 2018?

Another hard question! Wow!  So, last year I headed into the year with a long list of goals. By summer I was so frustrated by just about everything that I tossed it all out and just focused on one thing… moving forward and letting go.  This year I am really not even going to set these goals down in stone but do my best to just wake up and not suck as a human.  Really, that's the best thing I can hope for.
3. What is the best compliment you could receive?

Really? I should have read through these tough questions before I agreed to do this! EEP!  My Introversion is freaking out!  Aaaaa…. the best compliment.  “You are a good person.”  That's truly who I want to be.  I don't want to be know for looks, or money, even talent.  I want to be known for being someone who is honest and good.
4. What fictional character do you most identify with?

I don't think I have just one fictional character that I really identify with. Does my Bitmoji obsession count?  No?  Crap.. hmmm…


The closest one I can come up with is maybe Sarah from the Labyrinth… only in that I daydream pretty vividly, come up with wild stories, and I know some REALLY weird people that I call my friends and family.  And… I've secretly wished that goblins would take my brother away… right now!
5. What is your all-time favorite book?

My favorite book is actually a book that I've had since high school, it is my 9th grade drama class book of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  I've read it a dozen times and I still love it.


My Nominations:

The Countdown to 60

nicholas andriani

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abbey co seattle
I look forward to reading the acceptance posts from these amazing bloggers and their answers to my questions. Because my questions were HARD!

And here are my questions for my nominees!

  1. Who inspires you as a blogger?
  2. When you read a blog, what's your biggest turn off?
  3. Have you ever considered writing a book?
  4. Do you think blogging has changed in the last 5 years and do you see it thriving or dying out?
  5. What is the most unusual job you've ever had?

img_1394 Bonus… here is a pic of my best friend in her glasses.

Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Have a great day and post your links to your blogger award in the comments!



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