Top 10 Countries With A Rich Culture For Traveling In 2018

Today's guest blogger is Paul Calderon.  He's a wonderful freelance writer and fellow world traveler. Today he shares his top 10 destinations for traveling to places filled with a rich culture and history.  I hope you'll enjoy! – Crysta

What are those places to visit with the greatest and the most ancient culture, with old and unique traditions? If you are looking for the travel destinations with the richest history, our list will be informative for you. We have gathered places from all the continents, and in this article, we’ll give several facts which may attract your attention to one of them and to find an image of the best country in the world for your taste and demand.

Here we go!

10 destinations where to travel with rich culture and interesting customs


This is one of the four countries of human civilization. The gunpowder and the compass were invented here. Chinese people are the first who started making paper and a lot of other things. Today it’s one of the most powerful countries in the world and one the most interesting countries to visit.

It is divided into 23 provinces with the capital Pekin and two special administrative districts of Macau  and Hong Kong


This country lies somewhere between the reality and fairytale, saturated with the spirit of the mystical legends and old traditions. Only one mentioning of cosmopolitan Casablanca or imperial city Marrakesh  may make the hearts of those who’ve been there bit faster.


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A beautiful country for holidays and learning the monuments of ancient civilizations. The first ancestors of modern Mexicans were Maya Indians and Aztecs. Today the culture if Mexico represents the mix of Spanish, Indian and Caribbean contributions. For those who love antiquity, we would like to pay attention to ancient cities of pyramids.


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Ancient Indian civilization is one the most original Oriental civilizations with a lot of authentic moral attitudes. Its history is dated with thousands of years. Indian people respected different gods and Vedas , they divinized animals and worshiped Brahmans – the guardians of sacral knowledge which were equalized to gods.


Unlike to neighbor countries, the signs of Indian civilization didn’t survive here. The country is strongly Europeanized, but a rave of natural attractions and a mixture of cultures make it one of the top holiday destinations for tourists.


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Ancient Egyptians created a high and difficult on its structure level of culture which induced cultural development not only in the Middle East but also antique Greeks. Many cultural values that were created by Egyptians refilled the treasury of world’s culture, and at the present time, they are worth visiting. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only one to remain safe till nowadays.


And, of course, we cannot ignore one of the top places from a historical point of view in the worldwide development process. A lot of branches of a present-day science grew on a base of Greece scientists and philosophers. The elements of Classical Greek are used for building decoration up to now. Epos, literature, medical and scientific, a lot of names and proverbs – the heritage of this culture is incontestable.


France is the biggest country of European Union. It’s a cradle of architecture, literature, music, cinema, food, fashion, etc. “To see Paris and die” that’s how the famous statement sounds. The arc of triumph, the Notre Dame de Paris, Louvre are the attractions with long, interesting and, partially, dark and romantic history.


The sunrise land– this a famous poetical name of Japan. Industriousness and big potential of Japanese nation have made this country the leader in science and technology. This beautiful country is situated on an Islands and is covered with volcanos. The history of ancient Japan covers the period from the Paleolithic age till Heian period Modern Japan is a combination of high technologies and ancient heritage attractions. Lovely weather during the whole year makes this country one the most popular for traveling.

Great Britain


Great Britain is an embodiment of the nowadays civilization and age-old history. British people are characterized by a devotion to traditions of their nation. The places of interest and this passion to customs are two reasons to see this aristocratic country.  Don't forget to check out our articles on traveling to London.

Wherever you go, we'd love to hear about your adventures. Remember, everyday is a new opportunity for adventure.  Live beyond your limits.

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Bio: Paul Calderon is a professional writer and journalist. He writes for several magazines, sites like and blogs as a freelancer. Several years ago he went off around the world with a backpack and a notebook. Paul says that the decision to start this journey wasn’t easy – he left his usual everyday habits, work, and friends. That’s how he started working freelance jobs. The journey took more than a year and completely change Paul’s worldview, as he says. Paul writes mostly about traveling and cultures in different countries.

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