Good Bye 2017! A look back

Good bye! So Long! Get Lost!  2017 has been a wild ride and I am ready for a fresh start. Let’s take a look at our year in review.

This year hasn’t been terrible, but it has been a serious year of learning.  There were things that I thought that I’d mastered that came back as life refreshers this year and honestly, I struggled.

DWF did well this year. But it had a major identity crisis. Sorry about that!  As I ended last year I thought I’d be merging with a friend who was a private chef.  However, as things went, she went one way and I went another.  And while I wanted to add more cooking tips and recipes to the blog, I actually struggled. Her ideas about making DWF more of a cooking blog were hers, and I am NOT a chef.  I’m a writer, a traveler, and yes I love to cook… but I love to eat out more!

But we are ready for a new year.  We are already plotting more travel, more restaurant reviews, and more stories about how you can live your best life beyond Lyme Disease.

Here are the top 5 blog posts of 2017:

Crazy or just the Lyme Disease – There are so many people out there like myself trying to live with Lyme Disease and searching for answers.  This post talks about the mental health side of this frustrating and often scary disease.

The Ponds by Mary Oliver  This is one of my favorite poems and it is the top poem that people come to DWF to find. It’s a beautiful poem that is evergreen and true to so many different stages in life.


An Open Letter to Haters – Yep, I had a day when I just had enough and I ranted my heart out about the nonsense that I have seen in the world. And you,  my lovely readers, loved it.  Maybe more people need to stand up for what they believe in and not back down to social pressure.

Mexican 7-layer salad- To Go!  Testing out the idea of adding more recipes wasn’t a total bust. In fact one recipe managed to make it to the top!  This great recipe was shared dozens of times and I have added it to my monthly menu myself.

Thoughts About Parenting Adults   I wrote this one with tears streaming down my face.  One of my boys left home.  We haven’t spoken. My heart is still bleeding.  This was one of those moments I wasn’t expecting and one that stained 2017 in tears.


Not all of 2017 was bad!

This year we traveled a lot.  Sometimes back to Baltimore, other times to new and crazy places. I love traveling, exploring, and getting away from the boring routines of home. So this year we hopped trains, planes, and ships to explore new places.

I made new friends and I detoxed my friends list to get rid of some toxic people.  Both were hard. I took risks on making new friends and some of them were good risks and others were disastrously bad!

I got a cool tattoo that I love, and realized how much I love them and now I want more.  Probably not a good idea to have started that hobby again!


I battled my Lyme Disease with vigor. But sometimes it slowed me down.  After having surgery at the beginning of the year, I found myself upset that my healing wasn’t as quick as I’d believed it would be. After a better part of the year, I’m still struggling with pain and issues associated with the surgery, Lyme has been blamed for the struggle and for the slower recovery.

Wrapping up our Review

At the end of the year I have a new sense of understanding about people, about myself, and ideas of how to proceed.  No, I can’t change the outcome of things, some I just have to live with and others I have to do my best to replace the bad memories with good. 2017 was hard, but not the worst.

What were the highlights of YOUR year?  Did you do a year in review?  We’d love to read it.





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