9 Common Dreams & Their Meanings In Your Life

There are certain dreams that have reached pop-culture status because just about everyone knows what they are, and has heard them.   A classic example is a dream where you show up to school naked, and everyone is laughing at you.

Dreams can be the gateway to our soul, so it’s important to pay attention to them — but, as it’s unlikely that we’re going to show up to high school past the age of 18, how do we know what they really mean?

Here are some common dreams and how they can be interpreted for your life:

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You’re Being Chased By Someone

Being chased by someone in a dream may mean that you’re avoiding something in real life.  This may mean confronting someone with whom you’ve had a disagreement with (or that you don’t want to fight with), or even an event or situation.

You may even be avoiding an aspect of your life that you don’t want to deal with or address, like a health issue or a difficult life-change that needs to happen, like weight loss.  According to Dream Moods, the closer the attacker is, the closer you are to having to face the problem.

“Sometimes writing is running downhill, your fingers jerking behind you on the keyboard the way your legs do when they can’t quite keep up with gravity.”

You Show Up Somewhere Unprepared or Late

When I was younger, I would have the dream (constantly) that I would arrive for my first day of work without my briefcase, or that I’d arrive for my wedding day without my wedding dress.

Dreams that display you being unprepared or late probably resonate the feelings you have in other aspects of your life, that you don’t have control or feel unprepared for what’s ahead. Layne Dalfen, of the Dream Interpretation Center, suggests that these dreams of being unprepared for school, work, an event, or in her case, a play — are manifestations of things that you should be excited about, but really feel extremely anxious about.

You Arrive Somewhere Naked

Clothes shield us and add a layer of protection from the outside world, albeit it a small one.  When we dream that we are naked, it means that we’re feeling especially vulnerable.

We may be insecure about something, or be afraid that we’ll be ashamed or embarrassed by something (a reason why we often have these dreams before our first day of something new, like a new school or job). According to Dreams Cloud, these naked dreams can also mean that something we did is about to be exposed or come out, as someone else reveals the “naked truth.”

You Are Involved In Some Kind of Crime Spree or War

According to Dreaming Interpretation, being involved in some kind of crime, battle, or war can indicate that our boundaries are changing.

We may have crossed a line or learned to react to someone who’s mistreating us in a more aggressive way. This connects to the establishment of boundaries we have to set for ourselves each and every day.  The size of the war or battle in our dreams may be related to the size of the actual conflict in our daily lives.

You have a Sex Dream With Someone Familiar, or Inappropriate

Sex with an ex may indicate that you still have unfinished or unprocessed feelings about him or her.  It may indicate that you need closure.

Sex with a stranger may indicate that you’ve come to terms with a male or female aspect of yourself,  and sex with a celebrity might be all about your desire to reach levels of fame and fortune, according to The Date Report.

You Are Surrounded by Water

Water can mean many things, depending on the size and type of the body of water in your dream.   These meanings can revolve around renewal, rebirth, cleansing, and even baptism, or a born-again way of thinking or attitude.   When you’re surrounded by water, generally it means that the ability to achieve your new goals is limitless, according to Psychic Library.

Lyme Disease isnt RealYou Can’t Find Any Water 

Muddy, dirty, or stagnant water may indicate that you’re unable to make a decision about something important in your life, or that you’re unable to move on from something.

You Have an Experience Involving an Animal

Seeing animals in your dream can be a sign of certain qualities (personified by the animals) that you see in yourself.  For example, a fox could mean that you’re feeling wily or crafty (sly fox), or a beaver could symbolize energy and productivity (an eager beaver).

You Fall From a Great Height 

This is one of the most common ones, and unfortunately, it can cause a lot of injuries especially if we roll out of bed in the process.  Falling from a great height can symbolize that you’re feeling especially insecure about something.  According to noted Psychology Sigmund Freud, it could also mean that you’re about to give into a sexual urge or impulse.

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Sweet Dreams!

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