I came to a point in my life recently where I realized that I’ve been living life inside the Comfort Zone. And I’m done with it. I’m taking new risks, making changes, and challenging myself to stop hiding in the comforts of safe places.


I’ve always been an introvert. The idea of being in the spotlight was enough to make me turn and run. Yet I am also a dominant personality. I have strong opinions, and I see things differently sometimes than some of my peers. This is a power struggle at times between my desire to take the lead and my personality quirk that desires more anonymity.

It’s time to stop with being held back and find more comfort in being seen for the smart woman that I know myself to be.

Taking new roles

I recently started a new job. It’s one that I saw that I could be independent and make an impact. So I took on the position of communications director and social media manager. Two things that I know I am good at, and I can use all that I’ve learned about social media in a benefit for not just my own blogging but professionally.
I’ve been learning even more about things like Instagram, Affiliates, and Facebook Ads. I’ve been spending a significant portion of my time learning as much as I can about how to step up my social media skills.

Physically Stepping It Up

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I hate working out. Even though I do it, I always hate it. And I avoid anything that will cause me pain. I have enough daily pain due to my Lyme and Fibro so that when I know I am going to do something that is going to add to that, I avoid it. But that’s not helping me to get stronger and fight harder as my body struggles through the years to keep up.


That has to stop. I need to do more. I joined a workout challenge group. And baby steps forward, I am working my way up to doing more. It’s easy to stay in the comfort zone when you are struggling with a chronic illness. But that safe place often turns into a prison when you realize that when you weren’t focused on it, 20 pounds have come on and losing it without change is impossible.

I cut my hair!

I have always had long hair. Occasionally I’d cut it for charity and donate it. Though I’d always go back to letting it grow again. However one day I looked in the mirror, and I realized that for 20 years I’ve wanted to have a cute hairstyle that I like, but I stayed safe with ponytails and buns.

So I cut it all off. Short.

Then I cried.

After that, I moved on. Because I realized that the shock I was feeling was because I had no idea of how I was supposed to look without it.

I love it now. I love that I have options that I never considered before. The change was good and something that I really like that I did.

I booked more solo travel

Typically when I travel, my husband is always with me. We love exploring new places and trying new things. But we both can’t always go. And there are places that he just doesn’t want to go. Like going out to visit my best friend in the mid-west. So for a long time, I just didn’t go.

Time for another travel day! I love this @alaskaair app from Alaska. It makes my day so much easier. #lymetraveler #applewatch #appsthatrock #travelday.jpg
Last fall I made the trip to Shreveport and Austin to see my friend and to attend a blogging conference that I wanted to participate in. It was honestly so liberating that I wanted to do it again! So I booked another trip. And while I have this quick moment of fear before heading out, it is also a great feeling when I arrive.

Try something new!

Life is short and I know I just don’t have enough time to sit back waiting to feel more confident before trying new things. I’m over watching from the sidelines.
Sometimes I look back at my life and see where I played it safe, and I don’t regret the life I’ve had. But I do wonder what might have been if I’d taken more risks and challenged myself to do more. Why wait? Why look back and wish? I’m taking new steps forward with a new mindset.

What will you do to come out of your comfort zone?

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