Fantastica Tea – Love it or Leave it?


I love tea. Hot or cold, I am always brewing a cup or pot of tea. Last week the awesome people at Fantastica Tea sent me a few new flavors to try. I promised them I’d give an honest review because I refuse to print a review of something that I don’t believe in or actually like.

These teas come in the most unusual flavors! And I like that about them. They have flavor combinations that I’d never thought would be good, but they work!

Unusual Flavors

My favorite is the Coconut Black tea. It is a robust black tea, but the coconut flavor is prominent. When I first made it hot, I wasn’t so sure. But with a little cream and sugar, I was in love. I’ve even made it and chilled it without sugar, and it is amazing. Consider making it a latte! 

The Smoked black tea is unusual. It reminds me of a campfire, and I like that! I found that with some frothed milk, this became something I couldn’t wait to drink again later.

The Mint Green is perfect. The flavor isn’t too loud or strong, leaving it with a fresh taste. This is my morning wake-up drink. And just as traditional is the English Breakfast, it is one of the more full-bodied teas, and I love the crisp flavors that are sweet and calming for a morning start.



However, I didn’t like the Ginger black tea. It has a very bold flavor that was just a bit too much for me.

The teas are great. Not overly packaged and a straightforward and clean design. Each flavor comes in adorable little cardboard boxes, and I found that they were easy to toss in my bag and take along with me on my travels.

What could improve?

Trying a tea latte with Fantastica Tea

We all could use some improvement here and there. Fantastica's website drives me crazy. Please get some help! I love you, and I want you to succeed! But honestly, the website is a mess.

Don’t let the website discourage you. The shipment came fast. The ingredients are top-notch. And I think they are a new business and websites are just not their thing.

I like them. They are delightful to work with and I know that it just takes a little time to get things sorted out. 


So if you are looking to try something new. I really do suggest that you give them a chance.  The tea is worth it!

Do you love honest reviews? What should we try next?


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