This week we have been thinking about slowing down from the summer craziness and finding a new fall routine. Today I want to share poetry, the theme largely inspired by the works of this week's Blogger of the Week Kushtrim Thaqi. This a special piece that I especially loved from his blog – http://kushtrimthaqi.com/. I am thrilled to present to you Kushtrim Thaqi‘s incredible poetry.


Tonight, i wont write about love.

Tonight, I wont write about love.

No, not tonight.

Tonight I will write about

the silent sky and the moon,

that on his chest he holds.

I will write about this fog

that got my city strangled

just like a tight rope.

Tonight, I will write about my garden

and the frozen flowers there-

that show me that death is a sight to behold!

Tonight, I will write about life and death

and how fast this fleeting life goes!

But, when i looked down

just like on every other night tonight,

I again, on the spread page

“I miss you” wrote.



I am a young guy, living in a young country, Kosovo. I am trying to reach new levels of consciousness through reading, and then, trying to share what i have learned through poetry

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