Lyme Traveling to London

Hey everyone! After a great trip to London in the UK I am back in the states and trying to take it easy as I slow down after a big trip. When traveling with Lyme, you really never know what kind of things your body is going to throw at you during and after a big trip so I am taking it easy.



London was GREAT.  But the one thing I will say, it was SO HOT!  Wow!  I really didn't expect that kind of heat and humidity.  Everyone told me that during the summer the temperatures were similar to Seattle, where I live. So mid 70's and light 80's.  But what I didn't prepare for was the thick humidity and the fact that there is no air conditioning!

I get overheated very easily.  My body doesn't control temperature very well.  In the winter I get cold easily and I don't warm up well. And in the summer it doesn't take much to overheat. And boy did I!  I even ended up with a nasty heat rash that I am still fighting.


Get your walking shoes ready

Besides the weather, my trip was a lot of fun. We did so much walking and I am really proud of myself for making it so far.  I had surgery in December after tearing a tendon and hurting my foot a while back.  Lyme does make recovery difficult, and even though I'm 7 months out, I am still in physical therapy weekly.  But while in London I did so much walking, an average of 6 miles a day!

But it was worth the discomfort to be able to walk through one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Resting days are a must with Lyme

We did take a couple slow down days to make sure I didn't overdo it and stayed close to the hotel.  I built in time through the trip for naps and resting days.  And I am so thankful for comfortable walking shoes and learning that fashion isn't always my priority.

Since I'm talking about Lyme disease, I want to point out that not everyone has the same journey with Lyme. Each of us have a different tolerance level and not everyone has the same struggle.  I do however believe that if you embrace the idea that you are sick and never going to live the life you dream, you simply won't.   I am choosing a different dream.

It isn't easy, but you really can find a great latte in London

Flying is hard work.

I'd say the most difficult part of this adventure was the flying.  We took British Air this trip and I am NOT a fan.  The seats are cramped and tiny.  At one point the man in front of us leaned his seat back into my husband's lap and even after the flight attendant asked him to put it up, he went right back into my husband's lap.  And British is in the middle of a flight attendant strike, so we were low on staff.

It is the sitting still in tight conditions that hurts me the worst. I try to get up and move, but there is just so much sitting that I can take before everything starts to hurt. But, we made to back and I've been enjoying some relaxing time this week trying to settle those sore muscles.

Take the easy way

I did find that while in London it has gotten easier to get around in the tube stations than in the past. There are more escalators and elevator options in the newly remodeled stations. However, there is still a huge rush and finding a seat during the morning hours is difficult.

I sometimes feel bad for taking a seat, most people won't see my illness. Some might notice I have a limp or slow gate. But in general, I know I don't look sick.  However, you have to be your own advocate and take care of yourself when you can.  Take the seat, ride the escalators or elevators, rest when it is available.  If you don't, only you will suffer for it.


More to come!

I am excited to fill you in on some of the great things we saw, places we ate, and more tips for your London adventure.

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  1. Sounds so awesome! I’m glad you were able to make this trip. I was able to go to the Gulf for a couple of days. Only a 3 hour trip from home but we had a great time. It is the first real trip I’ve taken in a few years while treating chronic lyme. Can’t wait to hear more! 🙂

  2. Your trip sounds amazing! We just got back from Europe and I had to take several mental health days. Do what you can, and live life to its fullest. I can’t wait to read more.

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