Lyme Links


Hey everyone, while I catch up with writing new articles for you.  I thought I’d leave you a few to sort through.  These are some of the many articles I’ve written about living with Chronic Lyme Disease.

I know a lot of you have come here looking for more information maybe for yourself or someone you love.  So I wanted to take today to give you a few of my articles and open it up also for you to ask your questions.  I’ll answer your Lyme questions as quickly as I can.  And maybe they will even end up in future posts!



Misconceptions of Lyme

Lyme Disease – I Blog. So others aren’t alone.

5 Things I Wish My Friends Knew

More facts about Lyme Disease.

Crazy or Just The Lyme Disease

Thoughts about living with Lyme Disease

Q & A about Lyme

Thinking At 2am About Dying

Rage against and fighting Lyme

5 Healthy Habits to Help You Fight Chronic Lyme Disease


Moving into the darker months with Lyme Disease

Awakening – Lyme and Addiction

Lyme Disease Isn’t Real

Lyme and my Brain

FAQ’s about Living With Lyme Disease

Lyme and Grief make for a painful cocktail

Overcoming Lyme Disease by Taking Away Its Power.

Slowing Down for Lyme Disease

A day of Visibility – My Lyme Story

Crashing and fighting back








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