Things You Need To Know About Traveling With An Introvert



Recently on a long flight from Seattle to Baltimore I realized that that traveling with an introvert like myself can be a puzzle for many who might not understand the complexity of an introvert's mind.

Even though we love to travel and explore the world, we also have some special requirements in order to prevent us from just getting overwhelmed and having a breakdown. Being an introvert doesn't mean we are shy, it means we react to stimulus differently. I LOVE having an exciting and even controversial conversation with someone I respect, but throw me in a room full of people and I become mute and look for a way out… or a dog.


Here are a few things you need to know about traveling with an Introvert:


  • You never need to worry about not getting enough rest. Naps are not only booked into the trip experience, but often mandatory.


  • You don't have to worry about thinking of what to talk about over long flights. Conversation isn't required. Silence is Golden to an introvert.


  • Be prepared for some quality alone time. It isn't insulting to say” I need some me time” and head off to a satisfying solo expedition.


  • Quiet coffee shops, quaint book stores, and peaceful museums are highlights for most introverts. When we need to recharge, feel free to leave us in our happy places until we are ready to behave. (Joking… we never behave! 🙂 )


  • We get distracted by everything. I love going to museums, but if you are there to stand and look at one display for a while, I am not likely to stand there with you. I am also not good at staying in one place to wait for anything, I tend to wander a bit to look at other things. And sometimes this means I get a little lost. However, Introverts are great at spending time doing solitary things like reading, writing, or art because we actually enjoy our own company just fine.


  • We don’t mind going to a party or a concert, but just don’t expect us to stay too long. We have a limit to the fun and when that limit is up, we run for the door.


  • Getting ready for a long plane ride? Understand that as an Introvert, the idea of being surrounded on both sides with no personal space is like nails on a chalk board, even with the people we like. I used to only sit by the window so that I could have my space and not feel so trapped by people. But recently my daughter has taken that coveted seat and I have had to compromise. I was sitting in the middle for a while until my husband realized out completely miserable I was through each flight and has been sweet enough to take that seat and let me have the aisle seat. Even though I get bumped a few dozen times a flight, it is better to have some breathing room than to be in the middle.

Even if we don’t say it, we really appreciate you for being patient about our needs. And we will likely be ready for another trip in about a month… or two.

Are you an Introvert or and Extrovert?  Do you have any travel tips to add?  Share them in the comments!

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  1. I’m definitely an introvert. I love to travel and see new things but it can get overwhelming at times. I like to take breaks throughout my trip and find somewhere interesting to people watch.

  2. Nice post. I agree with the being able to tell people you just need alone time. Even recharging with just a walk helps. I’m an extrovert but often still need to find a balance.

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