Summertime Favorite: GF Bundt Cake with Almond Flour

This recipe looks amazing! I love that it is gluten free and grain free. The fresh summer fruit really sweeten it up. I can’t wait to try it.

What is your favorite summer treat? Share your favorites in the comments!





Pachamama's Beautiful Food

I have been so excited to finally, FINALLY bake with almond flour, and that moment actually arrived when I had the perfect occasion. My housewarming party. 🙂

I am loving my new environs, and couldn’t wait to celebrate and entertain a few friends. I was going all out in a smallish way, without a lot of quantity but lots of variety. And it being nearly summer-time and all, I had a hankering for something akin to shortcake. With berries. And as it happened, also – CHERRIES. From “my” beloved western slope of Colorado. Not PAONIA cherries, but pretty close – from Palisade. Let’s begin with a look at these juicy wonders. First of the season, but still pretty darn good. Along with organic strawberries from California.


This cake was sooo surprisingly amazing, and every single guest at the party was raving about it! It’s a classically styled sponge cake –…

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