Drink of the Week: Brazilian Lemonade

Summer is here and we are out enjoying this great weather!  So here’s a quick recipe video for you today.  This week’s drink of the week is a little confusing… it’s Brazilian Lemonade… with no lemons??  But it is sooo good.

Try it and let me know that you think!  This Recipe is from Delish!



3 limes
1/3 c. sugar
3 c. water
3 tbsp. sweetened condensed milk


1. Wash and quarter the limes, then add them to a blender with the sugar, water and sweetened condensed milk. Pulse until the limes are thoroughly chopped, then pour the mixture through a strainer to remove the peel and pulp.

2. Serve juice over ice, or blend with ice for a more slushy-like consistency.


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