Time for Hummmus


The one thing about Seattle that many people don’t think about is the high number of homeless people who live in the city.

Not sure if it was mitzvah or madness, but I stopped today on my way back to the hotel and had a lovely conversation with a homeless woman and her dog, Hummmus. ( Yes, that’s how she wants to spell it )

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I’d seen her out on the corner next to the hotel for a few days. She and a friend had been out there asking for change and most of the time I just gave her a smile and kept going. Today my daughter noticed the shy sweet dog hidden under a blanket next to her and we stopped to talk to her.

The woman, (who asked not to have her name mentioned) was so proud of her dog, Hummmus.. with the extra M because she is so special.

hummus2We talked about casual things from walking our dogs to bragging about our kids. We laughed and enjoyed the ease of conversation without worry of the social barriers that often pull people apart.

Hummmus reminded me of my dog Wynter, both girls are not too fond of strangers but would gladly put their lives in danger to keep us safe. Living on the streets, this woman depended on Hummmus to keep her safe.

wyn beach live in the sunshine
This is my girl, Wynter.

 She wasn’t asking me for money and I wasn’t judging her for her choices in life.  We were simply two women on the street who love dogs.  Good luck my friend, safe travels to you and Hummus.

(repost from 2012)

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