Drink of the Week – Sparkling Fruit Waters


The heat is here and we are reaching for the cool drinks but also trying to keep away from the sugar. So what’s in our fridge?  Sparkling Fruit waters!

I LOVE my “soda” maker.  My husband and I use ours at least once a day.  We have moved away from the syrups and started only adding fruits or essential oils to our drinks. So we have some fun combos to share with you.  So today I’m going to give you my 5 favorite fruit combos for seltzer waters.


 To Muddle or Top?

You can muddle, or smash up your fruits into your glass for a heavier texture, or you can just float them in the glass for a more subtle flavor.  It’s up to you! Be creative and don’t hold back!

Here are my favorite flavor combos:

  • Watermelon & Mint
  • Tangerine and Blackberries
  • Raspberry and Lemons
  • Blueberry Sage
  • Strawberry Basil


Making sparkling fruit waters are as easy as finding a good combo of fruits and even herbs, adding them to an ice filled glass and fill with seltzer water ( fizzy water)  and enjoying that you are getting your daily water intake.

You can buy bottled seltzer water pretty cheap or just use flat cold water.  If you are going to use flat water, I really suggest adding your fruit to a large jar and leaving it to chill for a couple of hours before you drink.


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