Summer Adventure Challenge #1


This week’s challenge is to write, photograph, sing, dance, or otherwise show US who you think YOU are!

This is your chance to be creative and really look inside to figure out who you are and how you would describe yourself. This can be a personal observation or a selfie.  But this is your challenge to dig in deep and pull out something fantastic.


Yes, those are my real feet. This is who I think I am.

Starting this June and all through August I am going to post a weekly challenge that not only I am going to do and share my experiences with you, but I hope YOU will share your experiences too. I want to see your links, watch your videos, like your Instagrams!

We’ll use the hashtag #fireflysummer to follow each other’s adventure though blogging and social media.

This is about doing something fun this summer and I hope you will join us.

If you want to get our challenges sent directly to your email, don’t forget to sign up for our blog emails or follow us on Facebook and you’ll get those updates there too.

Who is ready to do this?!


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  1. I really want to do this! I so busy right now I feel like my blog is getting neglected and Im not sue if I will have time though 😦 I will at least try to join you for a few challenges since this sounds fun!

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