I want to step aside from my normal posts and address somethings I've seen.  I know this might be a bit harsh, but the cruelty that I've seen recently between humans is just awful.  This is my rant.  And I promise I'll go back to food and travel after I get this out. 

We have to stop this madness of intentional cruelty, people are walking around angry and killing each other because of this negativity that has been allowed to run wild.


But there are some, the Haters, that sit and wait for something… anything at all that might be twisted in a way they can puff up their chests and feel justified in being awful to others.  So, this is my open letter to them.  ~ C.

Dear Haters,

There is hope for you, but you must want it.

The Internet has opened many doors for people around the world. We have been able to make friends with people we might have never met, jobs have been found, and even love has found its way to connect hearts together across great distances. But sadly, in spite of the wonderful things that have come from having this ability to speed around the world virtually and collect vast amounts of knowledge with a few clicks, hate and intolerance has also gone viral.

You have no limits. No restraint.  Enough is enough.

You haters just sit there drinking your hater-aid and searching for things to complain about. You don’t have a good reason, you just don’t have to face the people who you have just torn apart with your nasty words and disapproval. You hate your neighbors, your job, your government and anyone who opposes your narrow-minded views.


And don't get me started on selfish entitled millennial who have never had to make an effort for anything think that it is alright to freeload and take advantage of friends and family because they are special flowers.

Please stop the lies and crocodile tears, don't claim abuse because someone didn't get them a cookie when they stomped their privileged feet.  You haven't earned the right to be heard yet.  Someone hurt their little feelings and now they want to claim they have PTSD and smoke weed til the bad feelings go away. They shame real survivors by claiming to have something they have actually lived through. Then sit behind  stolen laptops in air-conditioned houses paid for by someone else's hard work and bitch about how unfairly they have been treated and troll other people who frankly don't give a shit if they are happy or not. Grow the Fuck Up.

Too many people are taking part in the hate parades and I am ashamed to be in the same gene pool as these hate mongers. You don't like me? Boo fucking HOO! I'll stay out of your playground if you stay out of mine. But don't think that you can come around here starting shit without eventually stirring up trouble.

So if you don’t like gay people getting married. Don’t marry someone who is gay.  Don’t try to take away the joy, stability, complication, frustrations, and sometimes misery of being married from anyone else.

Don't like abortion? Don't have one! Don't like immigrants? We were all immigrants at one point. Don't like protesters? Then stop voting for idiots!

You don’t like transgender, Muslim, Liberal people. I don’t like stupid people. I get it, some people rub us the wrong way. I tend to stay away from people who are ignorant, small minded, and like to wallow in the mud puddle of their own hate and intolerance. If you don’t think you can be polite move away but don't whine that life isn't fair and nobody likes you, because my friend, you dug that hole all by yourself.

Don't like my blog?  I really don't give ANY fucks. Don't read it!

It's that simple!!  Go about your life, find happiness, move on.  I promise you, I am not looking to be friends.

If you think that making threats is going to keep me from being who I am… then come at me Brah! I am done keeping quiet. I am a strong woman who has taken more shit than dealt it, and I am not afraid to stand up for myself or what I believe in.

If you think it is acceptable to be a bitch to people you really don't know, judge them for things you can't understand, and brag about your childish behavior. Then you are not the kind of person I want in my life and I can move on.  Can you?


But understand, you are a dying breed because nobody wants to be just like you.

We are done with your flags of “Free Speech” because truly you don’t know what that actually means. Now we are raising our own flags in support of love, freedom to be whomever you wish to be, and changing the way we talk to each other with one conversation at a time.

But understand, that if you want to be an asshole, you should be treated like one.

But there is hope for you, no matter how old you are. Everyone can change.


You can change. I it's hard to do. There was a time when I was angry too. I struggled with my own fears and biases. I know now that it came out of my ignorance and naïvety.

I needed to make some changes to be a better human. I needed to get out of the hole that I’d been living in and see the world with open eyes and wider heart. I needed to learn how to love myself and let go of the fear placed upon me by outdated extremist religious views I grew up with.

Hell, I grew up Southern Baptist in rural Tennessee where the only “colored” people I’d ever seen was on television as I was changing the channels to find the Waltons or some other religious approved show that wouldn’t “rot my mind.”

I was a kid in a time when everyone was so fearful of the “gay disease” spreading through toilet seats and sharing a classroom with a “tainted kid.” So really, I do understand how difficult it can be to try to evolve. But it can be done and when you let go of the bonds of hate and fear, you too will know what a wonderful world we live in.

I am excited to be in this age of independence and embracing the movement of love. I know it takes effort to push through the barriers of intolerance. But I have faith in humanity and I know that this too shall pass.

So when you aren’t sure what to say, remember that you don’t have to say anything at all. Sometimes it’s better to stay silent and let people think you are stupid, than to open your mouth (or type it out) and prove them right.

If you would like to take steps to overcome hate, just ask. I’d love to help you or help find someone in your area who would gladly reach out to you. There is hope.

~ C. ~

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Haters”

  1. Thank you—this is wonderful. Sometimes I wonder if there’s hope for the world, but people like you, words like these, make me believe that maybe there is—maybe one day we will get better, if only we try.
    I agree with many of the sentiments you expressed and although I understand why the other side voices so much hate about it, I wish there were more people like you. People who just let people live their lives and if they don’t like what someone writes or says, they just don’t listen or read. That’s the smart thing to do. You’re right—don’t hate.

      1. Indeed! Balance it, don’t just go on aimless vents to make yourself feel better—or better yet, keep it between you and your friends, and if you really want to blog about it, then don’t make your message just about hate, make it about your passion, what you think would make the world a better place if it didn’t have the things you’re hating on.

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